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Adonia Organics: StemuTone Body Serum Review


If ever there were a body firming cream that actually worked, StemuTone is it. With age, we begin to see our skin lose its youthful vigor, which can be a bit depressing. A quick Internet search will tell you there are hundreds of products on the market that promise to lift, tone, firm, restore and you know the rest. StemuTone not only gives you instant results, you can feel the ingredients working away, moments after you apply it.

This product was developed to target troubled areas, such as scars, stretchmarks, wrinkles, saggy or “crepelike” skin. It even improves discoloration and evens out skin tone. And clinical studies have actually proved its efficacy. An independent lab found that users will experience a 32 percent reduction of wrinkles in 19 minutes, and 78 percent experience a reduction in wrinkles after regular use in 28 days. Now, if that doesn’t convince you, it’s time to try it for yourself.

You can apply this product anywhere on your skin, from head to toe – yes, even your face. You just massage it into places you need a youthful boost and voila! It’s quite a miracle solution! Many are probably wondering what active ingredient makes this all possible, and the interesting thing is that it all comes from plant stem cells and a blend of 27 Greek organic oils. If you flip it around to check the ingredients, you’ll find organic bergamot, lavender, pomegranate oils and many more. It’s a fascinating approach and provides peace of mind because you aren’t applying harsh, irritating chemicals to the skin to experience the desired effect.

StemuTone comes at a steal at only $49 and can be purchased on the Adonia Organics website: or on Amazon at: I believe the formula has been updated and improved over the years, so don’t let the older reviews fool you. This stuff works. And it ships immediately, so you receive it in just a few days!


The packaging is beautifully designed in a soft gold color and Adonia Organics signature filigree graphics. There is even some Greek writing on the box which adds to its authenticity. The box has a very unique structure, in that it has a curved shape to emulate the body and it unfolds from the side in a way that adds to its uniqueness. The directions are on the back and the long list of organic ingredients is printed on the side.

What’s in The Box:

Inside the box you will find a generous-sized tube, which should last you 60 days, unless you are overly liberal with application and want to apply more than once a day. 

The cap easily unfolds and you just squeeze out your desired amount for application. The tube itself is a metallic silver and gold. And the directions are on the back.

Feel of Product:

The texture is rich, smooth and creamy in a white, glossy hue. It smells wonderfully, much like an exotic garden. You can easily ascertain that StemuLift Body Serum was masterfully made because of the thickness of the product.

Application Process:

The instructions are amazingly simple, after cleansing the skin (anywhere you want to apply – so it’s recommended to use just after showering), you just massage the creamy serum into your skin. You may or may not feel a slight tingle, but don’t worry. Even the most sensitive skin won’t be irritated by StemuTone Body Serum because it’s hypoallergenic. 

The slight sensation is just your skin absorbing all the plant stem cells and organic oils. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the spa-like treatment. After approximately 19 minutes (if not sooner) you will notice a visible improvement on the look of your skin. You can use it on hands, feet, arms, elbows, legs, chest, shoulders, buttocks and your face, just steer clear of your eyes.



Let it be said, the effects of StemuTone Body Serum are dramatic and satisfying. The elation you feel when your problem areas seem to visibly improve – and in some cases, disappear – are beyond the cost of the product. If you’re ready to experience a shift on your aging skin, StemuTone Body Serum is the product for you.

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