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Adonia Organics: Daily Cleansing Gel Review


Face washing is not everyone’s favorite daily task. But after using Adonia Organics Daily Cleansing Gel, face washing morphs into a spa-like treatment. The gentle formula glides on the face easily, immediately filling your senses with its fresh smell, and begins going to work. This multi-action serum not only removes heavy makeup, oil, dirt and dead skin cells, it also doubles as an anti-aging serum that nourishes and helps regenerate new skin cells. The result is fresh, clean, youthful skin.

The formula contains 14 organic anti-aging oils that penetrate into the skin immediately. The ingredients go deep, cleaning out the pores and tightening the skin for a soft, radiant glow. Many claim you can notice a reduction in pore size after just two days of use! And this serum-based cleansing is so soothing, any skin type can use it without fear of irritation. After just one use, this will be your new go-to face cleanser.

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Who it’s Meant For:

If you have a face, you should be using this product. Because of all the natural ingredients, any skin-type will easily welcome this serum and it allow it to work its multifaceted magic. It is recommended that you wash your face twice per day to keep your skin healthy, regardless of age, and the Adonia Organics Daily Cleansing Gel will make you want to wash your face!


The box looks as clean as your skin feels after one use. It’s perfect in its simplicity, describes how it will “cleanse, purify and rejuvenate skin naturally” and displays the host of ingredients and directions on the back. The silver tube is of the classic Adonia Organics design, in its trademark calligraphy, Greek references and chock full of information on the back.

What’s in The Box:

Inside the box, you’ll find a healthy-sized tube of Adonia Organics Daily Cleansing Gel, just waiting to give you the skin improvement you’re looking for.

Feel of Product:

This cleansing gel is so light, smooth and pleasant, you won’t want to wait to apply it to your face. It has an air-fresh scent and is clear in color, which indicates there are no harsh chemicals, sulfates or additives.

Application process:

You only need a pearl-sized drop to cover your entire face and neck. The serum easily spreads across the face, as the essential oils go to work pulling makeup, dirt and skin cells up from your dermis. 

You will want to massage the cleanser in with your fingertips, using a circular motion to get the greatest effect (and to further emulate the spa experience). After thoroughly massaging in, wait five seconds and rinse with water. Pat to dry and you are ready for your moisturizer or next step in your skincare routine.


This Daily Cleansing Gel will amplify your skincare game. We all know that a cornerstone of healthy skin is daily face washing, morning and night. It can genuinely be said, using this product almost feels like a treat. Your skin feels so clean, fresh and invigorated after each use, you’ll be counting down the hours until your next cleanse. The organic oils are concentrated enough to pull even the most stubborn make up off and wash away all the impurities that have accumulated along with it. Say goodbye to oily, dry or problematic skin as this gel coats like a balm and has your face feeling effervescent after you rinse.

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