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Hallmark Channel’s Review: Best Tips for Keeping Knees Looking Young

Adonia Organics LegTone Tops the List

If there is anyone who has vast knowledge about tapping the fountain of youth, it’s Kym Douglas from Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show. The lifestyle expert is well-versed in all things beauty and fashion, and at 61-years old, she knows all the best secrets for defying age. When asked regarding how she keeps her knees so beautiful and youthful, her go-to product is Adonia Organics Legtone. Her feature “Kym’s Tips for Beautiful Knees” aired in November and viewers went wild.

Knees Change Everything

One of the things that age the most on our bodies is our knees. Women have been battling this issue for ages and there haven’t been many advancements in how to correct or repair saggy skin around the knees without an invasive cosmetic procedure. Adonia Organics is renowned for its plant-based products and anti-aging serums, among other popular and effective formulas.

Why Organic Ingredients Matter

A long-time Adonia Organics enthusiast, Kym, who is famous for her celebrity makeovers and appearances on Ellen, tends to use organic products due to the fact that they are not only healthier for your skin, but she’s also a cancer survivor so health is her ultimate priority. She credits LegTone for smoothing out her knees and firming her skin because the product is one of the most effective that she has found. And if anyone knows about every potion, lotion and cream on the planet, it’s Kym. Her motto is “to help you find your inner bliss and to become the best version of you that you can be.” This fantastically aligns with the mission and vision of Adonia Organics, which has been helping women (and men) feel their best for over a decade.

What Adonia Organics Has Been Up To

We have been following Adonia Organics for quite some time and we have noticed their products continue to top favorite lists of celebrities, beauty experts, and publications. LegTone especially is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite by 47 percent after just nine minutes. There is a 72 percent reduction after 42 days of regular use. What’s the secret? LegTone is carefully formulated with harvested plant stem cells which primarily combats cellulite, but also repairs, perfects and enhances the skin’s texture. We have to admit, the before and after photos on are pretty impressive. 

Kym Douglas Take

If you follow Kym religiously (which we do), you’re likely someone who will rush out and purchase any of her product recommendations, which is exactly what the Home & Family show’s audience did. Her beauty is a true testimony for any of the products she uses and people can’t get enough of her latest and greatest roundups. It’s not only the beauty products she recommends, but she is also quite literally the queen of lifestyle recommendations. Her popularity only increases with every appearance and every featured product.


Basically, we see you Adonia Organics and we have to give you an overwhelming “bravo” for the quality products made available. You got Kym Douglas to give you an overwhelming thumbs-up, and that should be enough for anyone wanting a product that actually works – especially when it comes to aging knees.

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