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Allure Features Plant Collagen Product by Adonia Organics

If Allure Says It’s Good, You Know It’s Great

Editor’s Favorite Adonia Organics Plant Collagen Body Mist

Stumbling upon Organic Beauty Report probably wasn’t an accident. And we’re glad you are here. Our team of beauty-obsessed individuals live, eat and breathe only the best, top-rated beauty products – and here we see Adonia Organics listed once again. This time on – basically the authority on all things beauty (much respect!).

We religiously peruse the editor’s favorites at Allure, but we weren’t all that shocked to see Adonia Organics Plant Collagen in another roundup of top-rated products. Allure dialed in on the company’s Plant Collagen Body Mist. We know the beauty team at Allure is super picky, but we keep hearing about this plant collagen line so it only reinforced the fact that yes, this company knows how to innovate and change the skin game using all plant-based products. 

New To The Collection

We had heard about this collection before, as it is a newly released line from the company in 2020. And while plant collagen is a relatively new idea to skin treatments, it also makes absolute sense to infuse your largest organ with plant-based nutrients to help promote the production of your own collagen. We had typically seen reviews on the Plant Collagen Day Serum and Plant Collagen Night Serum but this was the first mention of their Plant Collagen Body Mist. 

Allure is well-known as the leader in all beauty information, and similarly, Adonia Organics has mastered the organic skincare game (as their name would imply). The company has produced a long-running line of celebrity skincare favorites to include their bestseller, the Athena 7 Minute Lift among many others. 

Collagen Products Gaining Momentum

When the company took the concept of applying plant collagen cells to more than just the face – now the body – it was no short of brilliance. While the price can seem a little intimidating, both Allure and the team at Organic Beauty Report would agree that we’d rather pay a premium price for an advanced skincare product that actually works and produces results over shelling out frequently for products that don’t work. Not to mention, some of the drugstore brands require a lot of quantity, in multiple applications so you are burning through the product much faster.

Does Plant Collagen Work?

With Adonia Organics Plant Collagen Body Mist, wherever you apply it, you see a vast difference in the firmness and texture of your skin. To heck with all the skin issues that come with aging (i.e. wrinkles, sagginess, discoloration), applying this plant technology to the body can produce just as beautiful results as the face. Not to mention, the company also has a Plant Collagen Neck and Chest Serum that will rejuvenate two of the most affected parts of our bodies when we age.


If you’re one who runs to pick up the latest and greatest favorites from the highly selective team at Allure, this is one you may not want to miss out on. A company that receives thousands of products per day, all year round, and can narrow it down to a shortlist of favorites should definitely be insightful when you are on the hunt for great skincare. 

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