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Top 5 Best Bras for Backless Shirts

Bras, one of the major things we stopped wearing doing the COVID era. But is there is a light at the end of the tunnel for reigniting our social lives and attending gatherings once again? If you’re anything like me and my friends, you are itching to break out your cutest outfits as soon as the light turns green. 

Particularly when the warm weather is approaching and you’ve been eying all those dainty sundresses in the back of your closet.

No more pajamas, no more gym clothes, no more roaming around the house with tousled hair between Zoom meetings. Ladies, we need to pull it together and prepare ourselves for going back into the wild. We are breaking out the strappy sandals, the flat iron and maybe even doing a little online shopping to celebrate our reemergence.

While we may be a little weepy-eyed as our love affair with our yoga pants comes to an end, halter minis, backless bodycon dresses, and nude one-shoulder party frocks will be in your near future. So, it’s time to do inventory on your bra collection of seasons past and start realizing what you will need to support your figure and make you look smashing the minute you step out of the house.

And for those of you who have always seen plunging necklines and backless dresses and thought “must be nice” – well, we’re helping you step up your undergarment game so no matter your measurements, you can still look flawless under your clothes and still feel comfortable. We found the perfect bras for all those glorious outfits you’ve been eyeing, either in your closet or online, and we are here to tell you – start looking for some matching shoes.

Here are some of our favorite bras for the skimpier, backless clothing in your life.

Top 5 Best Bras:

  1. Lively – The Lace Strapless Bra – $35

Ready to rock the one shoulder? Pull up your big girl confidence and your bustline as you finally make a decision, left shoulder or right? (We’re looking at you, indecisive Libras!). Fresh design, ultra-lace femininity, and activity-inspired band make this great for more than just a one-shoulder look. Edgy, yet excellent, this strapless sweet thing could be paired with a great statement necklace or big flashy earrings. 

If you need something that can work with an asymmetrical outfit, this is a great choice. It also comes with removable, adjustable straps for any look, really. It’s 88 percent nylon and 12 percent spandex, so while you’ll be covered, you can still throw your hands up in a hallelujah as you rejoin society, without a “whoops!” It’s $35 at Nordstrom, and they hook you up with free shipping.

  1. B-Six Nippies Skin Adhesive – $26.50

Now before you get any ideas about the adhesive part of the name, know that if anyone can do this technology right, it’s Bare Necessities. They have the best of every world and even though the thought of these might make you cringe and think of bad movies. 

Honestly, all these do is say what they are – nipple covers. No rubbery fakeness, or extra weird-looking material, and help you complete your desire of pulling off a trend without a nip slip. These are top-rated pasties that will keep you moving! 

You can also wash and wear them 20-30 times with proper care. These blend with your skin tone and you can wear up to 6-8 hours. Size 1 is designed for A-C cups and is 3″ in diameter and Size 2 is designed for D cups with a 4″ diameter. These are made in the USA and loyalists are going nuts for them, allowing them to wear some of their skimpiest clothing, without getting kicked out of anywhere. 

They run $26.50 at Bare Necessities.

  1. On Gossamer Beautiful Underwire Bustier – $58

Never worry about wearing a backless dress again. Especially if you are a C cup or larger, this is going to be a staple of your wardrobe if you like to show a little skin. The boning and silicone keeps everything right in place and looking fabulous. 

It also comes with removable, adjustable straps if you want just the right contour for just the right outfit. It’s 86 percent nylon and 14 percent spandex and fans simply love the quality. You can snag this at Nordstrom for just $58, and believe me, it’s worth the investment. 

You’ll wear it so many times it practically pays for itself.

  1. Dominique Noemi Low Back Strapless Bustier – $49

If you’re going low, low, low on the back, consider this low back option. If I haven’t already sold you on the benefits of opting for a bustier, this one will be the undergarment to change your mind. It’s corset-like with a sweetheart neckline and essential for backless gowns or cocktail dresses. 

If you are on the bustier side and always too self-conscious to wear something with slightly less fabric, this bustier has you covered from every angle underneath. It has a doubled elastic trim line and anchors perfectly. It has three sections that are molded to fit your curves along with fiber-filled contour cups. 

The secure hook and eye closure keep you locked even if your actions are saying “let it all out!” The sizes go up to a 44 F cup, so you don’t have to discount this if you are larger on top. It’s $49 at Macy’s.

  1. Va Bien Marquise Plunge Longline Bra – $85

If you are going south and I mean WAY south – you will need a plunge bra for garments extending well beyond your sternum. If you’ve always wanted to wear a low-cut front but couldn’t figure out how you could possibly make it work, enter Va Bien. It fits perfectly, is supportive, and practically invisible. 

Many of their fans wear an E cup and can’t believe how well this holds everything just so. Lots of five-star fans purchase this for a wedding or formal event. It can be worn three ways as it has fully adjustable straps. It also comes with patented ultra-lift-boned foam-lined cups for support. You have to hand wash it and line dry it to keep it in condition though. 

This is an $85 well-spent when you can start wearing the lower cuts you’ve been eyeing.


Whether you are an A or an F, there really is quite a variety for those wanting to wear backless shirts, dresses, or rompers. It all depends on how comfortable, or uncomfortable you want to be and how much you want to spend. 

There is an old adage that says “you get what you pay for” and that has never been so true when it comes to lingerie. 

Invest in the support or the quality you want and need to have your garment stand the test of time to be worn over and over. And, if the predictions are true, you are going to be ready to burst out the door in a sassy little ensemble as soon as we get the word. We’ve been sitting inside for a year and our clothes are just waiting to be taken out for some fresh air. 

Start putting away the cotton collection of comfort you have relied on for so long, and let yourself live a little – and still have the support you need.

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