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6 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed from Amazon

Oh, Amazon, what would we do without you? Probably save a lot of money, but that’s beside the point. Amazon has more than 12 million products, so there is literally something for everyone. It’s either good news or bad news! I think we can all agree, Amazon has literally changed our lives with its shopping model. If you’ve ever gone down the Amazon rabbit hole, you know what we mean.

There is SO much to look at, reviews to read, comparisons – it can be a bit overwhelming, and quite the time suck! Too frequently you will end up purchasing something you never even intended – oh you Amazon wizards! Yes, we at Organic Beauty Report are guilty of contributing to the $280.5 billion dollars in sales Amazon does per year. Some of it, necessary, some of it – well, no judgment!

If you are an Amazon junkie (who isn’t?) we are here to enlighten you with some of the greatest things available to put in your cart that you never even knew about!

  1. Mighty Handle, Because You Would Rather Die Than Make Two Trips

The red swollen hands are worth it – so you tell yourself. We all know the pain and determination of grabbing all those plastic bags in the name of efficiency, but life doesn’t have to be so hard! The folks at Mighty Handle (you geniuses, you!) have given us a necessity for the ages! Groceries, dry cleaning, and home goods are about to get the ultimate escort through the front door – and you will be comfortable! 

If you have to traverse stairs, a long driveway, or an endless porch, Mighty Handle’s unique Twist-Lock feature will prevent spills and speed bumps. It’s a life-changing and brilliant invention and is constantly sold out – so keep your eyes peeled!

  1. Liquid Laundry Detergent Just Got So Much Easier with Tidy-Cup

Doing laundry is not the most exciting chore, especially when you use liquid detergent or fabric softener. The yucky goo gets everywhere, coagulates and it’s just annoying (and gross looking!). No more drips or mess, this clever gadget cradles under your container’s spout to alleviate the gunky battle you used to face when doing laundry. 

It’s such a small and simple device, but sure does make an impact! If you do a lot of laundry, this is a must-have to make the process slightly less obnoxious. At $12.44, it’s a bargain for the headaches you will be eliminating.

  1. Soggy Cereal No More – Thank You Obol!

Obol, you delight, you! If you are a cereal lover, you are about to go nuts, because this is the champion of breakfast bowls. As seen on ABC News, this five-star charmer will keep your Lucky Charms (or Frosted Flakes, or Cheerios, or whatever cereal suits your fancy) nice and crunchy. If you are a texture person, this is going to be such a treat for your eating experience. It’s also easy to hold with a spiral slide design. How it took so long to invent, we don’t know, but it sure does make your cereal eating experience all the better. It’s 7x7x4 inches and holds 16 fluid ounces. 

This dishwasher safe bowl has a convenient built-in grip feature for easier holding. It’s durable, sturdy, and only $14.95. You might find yourself eating more cereal than you normally do.

  1. For the Always on the Go, a More Convenient Charge – Anker Battery Portable Power Pack

This candy bar sized ultra-compact charger works at the speed of lightning. The reviews are crazy on this thing! It’s PowerIQ Technology: Detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 2 amps. Its acclaimed design works with Android or iPhone and uses only premium battery cells. 

Tech enthusiasts are freaking out over this baby! It is one of the undoubtedly highest rated items on Amazon with more than 3,000 reviews. It comes with a travel pouch and an 18-month warranty, so Anker is pretty confident you’ll be pleased. And in the very off chance you are not, they have supreme customer service. This sucker sells out constantly, so you may want to set up an alert.

  1. Because Bobby Pins Get Everywhere – HairpinPal

If you use them on the regular, you know the joy of a fresh pack of bobby pins and the frustration of never having one when you need one. And if your hair is pinned to perfection, you know the struggle of taking them all out, only for them to end up in the strangest places. Bobby pin piles never stay for long, and there is really no ideal place to put them. This magnetic hairclip holder will hold your pins until you are ready to grasp them. 

You can toss a pin at the device for a quick grab, or if you have them all over the counter, dresser, car, etc., you can wave the HairpinPal like a wand and it will conveniently swipe them up. Where was this during our prom days? Recitals, pageants or special events are all made so much easier with this handy little gadget. It comes in two colors and will only cost you $14.98!

  1. Shaving Your Legs in the Shower Doesn’t Have to Be an Extreme Sport with Safe-er-Grip Foot Rest

No more slipping and sliding around as you balance in the shower! Get a leg up with this steadying device. This footrest uses suction to attach to your shower wall so you don’t have to worry about wavering with a sharp blade. 

Shaving your legs sucks, so why not make it much, much easier? This life hack will only cost you $14.80 and will make the process a lot faster when you can throw a foot upon it to get every follicle.


There are a LOT of nifty things on Amazon these days, and this only scratches the surface of our favorites – but any of these can dramatically improve your daily life activities. Let us know how they work for you!

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