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Top Fall Beauty Trends of 2021

Fall is only around the corner. And while we’ve had many beauty trends since the beginning of the year, there’s no doubt in our minds that fall has a mind of its own and will come in with its own trends. 

As we navigate life beyond the face mask, we begin to understand that staying minimalist may not be all sufficient in the long run, and we’ll need to find a way to balance the new trends coming in and the urge to stay conservative because of our experiences in the previous year.

In all honesty, the new trends we expect to see are all we’ve known, only with a new twist to it. So, expect to see a new twist to lipstick, lashes, eyeliner, and even colors. As we go into the fall season, here are the top 10 autumn beauty trends that you can either start preparing for, or looking out for.

Bold and Deep Lips

Through the last year and the acts of the pandemic, bold and deep lips have taken the back seat for lighter and less dramatic lip colors. However this fall, bold and deep lips are here to strike a pose for fall 2021. 

Even though red has been the headliner for bold lips, there’s now space for trying out other bold and deep colors. Rich burgundy lips is a great idea if you’re working with just fresh skin and mascara. 

You can also go for the berry shades that are fast becoming mainstream. A great part of berry shades is that they are considered as neutral colors, so if you want to go bold without going ‘bold’, berry shades may just be your best choice.

If you decide to stick to the reds shade, be aware that shades that look like cherry tomatoes are the rave of the moment. They are best accompanied with coral blush shades on the cheeks. You should also consider hints of brown hues on your lips to give an overall opaque look – either you dab it on your fingers before tapping it to your lips or you apply it directly. 

Because of the fall season, it’s advisable to prep your lips with lip liners to ensure that the pigment doesn’t feather. The entire idea of this look in the incoming season is to give you a more flattering feel to accentuate the fresh look you’re gunning for. Lipstick is returning, and it’s returning big.

Graphic Liner

This trend is going to be a takeaway from the fall 2021 runways. Different models have graced the fall 2021 runways with graphic liners (which of course are outstanding) and it seems like beauty enthusiasts have decided to take them out of the runways and make them a part of our regular beauty styles, especially this forthcoming fall season.

Truth is, a crisp cat-eye is becoming mainstream, but going the extra mile to winging it out adds the right feel to whatever look you’re gunning for. With graphic liners, you need to keep the rest of your makeup and look simple so that the eyes remain the center of attraction and make the statement you want it to.

Last year, even though the eye beauty industry was the rave despite the pandemic, black eyeliner was the generally accepted norm. However, there’s a twist this year’s fall – from intense cut creases that feature matte pigment in the inner and outer corner of the eye, to white pigment blended along the lower lash line (the Givenchy signature), there’s a lot to pick from.

Looking for just enough spice of drama to add to your autumnal looks? Or that one stroke of pop that changes your entire look? Graphic liners are the perfect choice for that.

The Retro Headwear

This trend is a blend of ease with chic. From bandanas and scarves, to balaclavas, there’s a lot of retro twist that headwear can do to complete any outfit.

One reason retro headwear will be a trend during the autumn season is because it not only serves as a fashion item, it also serves as a protective strategy for the upcoming season. So, whether you decide to rock groovy-patterned head scarves just like some 60s movie star, or you go with silky bandanas while rocking monogram prints or accessorize your scarves with twin barrettes, you can hardly go wrong with retro headwear this fall.

You can also decide to add a bit of twist to your headwear by rocking them around the neck, while you have your face mask on.

Don’t forget that while scarves are beautiful to rock, they can serve many purposes at once – keep them handy for those days when you have bad hair days this fall!

 Loaded and Lush Lashes

Lashes were a rarity through 2020. Through staying at home, zoom meetings, and having literally everything from the comfort of our homes, lashes adornment of any kind were the last on anyone’s mind. However, things are beginning to take shape again. Even though the world’s readjusting to a new normal, one new trend that’s coming back is lashes. But this time, lashes are taking a new and better twist. Instead of having typical lashes you can have them as lush and loaded lashes.

This isn’t hard to achieve. All you need to do to get this polished look is putting in extra layers of your mascara, and wiggling the wand from the roots to the tips. This way, you’ll be able to fan out the lashes in the direction of the temples, and get the extra fluttery effect.

So as we begin to attend events in real life, loaded lashes and lush false eyelashes will pick up as a trend, and particularly in this fall, we’ll have more of that.

Intense Black Eyeliner

We already mentioned the new trend of graphic liners and how it’s going to take over the fall season. However, we don’t expect that everyone’s going to be bold enough to play with colors on the eyes. So, for some people, they’d rather stay conservative with the regular black eyeliner. But there can be a twist to that, and that’s another trend that’ll pick up this fall.

The intense black eyeliner is coming back this fall, and it’s bringing with it the retro vibe, just like it was back in high school. Go around this fall rocking your 360-degree black eyeliner and make it pop with some waterline.

Glow-y and Dewy Skin

The debate of what major skin routine for the incoming fall season will be has been on for sometime now. While the regular trend for fall is matte, because of how the season gets cooler and our complexions transition. However, this year, we’ll be having more of glowy and dewy skin, and this doesn’t depend on whether you have makeup on or not.

Dewy skin can be achieved with minimal makeup or none at all. The whole idea is to have healthy-looking and chic skin. To get it with makeup, you’ll need to pick a lightweight base formula like a tinted moisturizer, and use natural eyeshadow and lipstick to complement the naturally glowing look.

Without makeup however, you should trust priming moisturizers to do the trick and give you a glow-y skin that can take you through the fall. For a personal trick, you can swipe highlighted balms on your cheekbones, tip of nose, top of the lip, brow bones and the major high points of your face.

Whatever you do, you shouldn’t forget the aim of this fall season is to achieve that dewy, glowing skin.

Natural Brows

While there are a few trends that are particular to a set of people, one trend that literally anyone can follow and will pair with whatever look is the natural brows trend. And that’s simply because we all have natural brows.

The natural brows trend isn’t a new one. It’s been a rave through the summer. However, it’s going to stand the test of time and stay through the fall season. For those who are patient enough and haven’t done it, you can groom your eyebrows in an upward motion and begin rocking them from whatever point they are. A bit of outward small brush strokes to fill in gaps and holes do the job of achieving this look.

Also, the natural-looking eyebrows trend is more about having full and natural-looking brows than having perfectly-made brows, ones that look pretty much like how it looked on a much younger version of you.

You achieve these brows by using colors that match on your natural brow. They are supposed to be color flicks that give a natural and fuller brow illusion. 

Under Liners

We’ve talked about graphic liners, and we’ve discussed intense black eyeliners as well. However, is there any trend we expect to see this fall, probably a new one? Well, while most of the trends we have right now are those that have returned to the limelight over and over again, under liners is one trend that hasn’t retired since it became a trend trend – the 90s to early 2000s. Now this fall, expect to see ink-black liner penciled right into your waterline. 

This is one trend that’s rising because of the recent fall 2021 runways, precisely the New York Fashion Week’s. One determining factor is that people are looking to online trends and digital lookbooks to determine what is trend or not. So, from makeup artists and models, to editors and fans, everyone’s following the under liner trend.

Winged and colored eyeliner has been the norm, but you can get bolder and include some more color to those under eyes. Because that’s precisely what this fall’s fashion is going to be about – BOLD. 

Pastel Colors

If there’s a trend that will go into the fall season and remain rampant for much longer than that, it’ll be the use of pastel colors. From makeup to clothes, the subtle wash of colors is taking over the beauty world.

The pandemic has not only made an impact on our shopping habits, it’s influenced how we see things, what we consider as comfortable. From the rise of tracksuits and knitted dresses, people are opting for what feels and looks soothing. People are going for more subtle, pastel colors instead of bold and bright colors of clothes or makeup items.

For makeup, we’re going to have more subtle colors on our lids and lips to project a sophisticated but safe vibe. People are looking for every means possible to feel secure and better about their lives and the situation of the world. And if that means turning to pastels and soft fabrics, they definitely don’t mind.

This fall will have more of a softer approach to color and its strong effect on our general mood.

Rosy Glow

Rosy glow is one trend that hasn’t evolved from the runway or any place as such, but from our online beauty content creators – from TikTok and Instagram. Blush has always been a trend, but instead of leaving it in a subtle way, you can now have it in a rosy over-the-top rosy style this fall.

TikTokers singlehandedly pushed the rosy glow trend, as #blushcontour was a huge trend with 3.4 million views amongst other things.

The blush gospel being preached this fall is that of a subtle, gorgeously finished flush that wouldn’t only stay for this season, but beyond.

Make sure your cheeks are popping with extra color to receive the chilly air of the fall.

This fall, we’re in for new and a bit of unexpected trends in the beauty world, but with the above listed trends, you should not have a problem blending into the fall season, literally!

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