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Fall Fashion Trends 2020

Fashion comes, fashion goes, and sometimes styles from the past resurface from time to time with a new twist or flair. That’s what the fall fashion trends are bringing us for 2020. Quarantine may be keeping us low-key, but for all our fashionistas out there – we won’t let a pandemic keep us from wearing the latest and greatest for the season. 

Although this fashion season is going to feel quite different from the norm, stay-at-home orders just means connecting with our style-crazed friends via Zoom, social media or the quick grocery run. Wherever your location, you don’t have to let COVID-19 dim your trend-watch glow.

While the end of summer always brings certain flashbacks of days spent soaking up the sun, the seasonal turn always incites a bit of excitement as we turn a new leaf and welcome the new harvest of styles. After all, clothes are a bit necessary, so we may as well continue to embrace our fashion fandom and go full throttle with garments as we normally would…or wouldn’t if it’s time for a new look!

Different Kind of Fashion in 2020

Yes, the new normal is a bit complicated especially when we don’t know when we’ll see our mainstay office, favorite restaurant or night out again, but it doesn’t mean you have to live in leggings and t-shirts for the rest of your existence (not knocking leggings or t-shirts, these should definitely be reserved for comfy time). It’s time to take your wardrobe back and start having some fun with fashion this fall. You deserve it!

So, let’s shed the yoga pants, top knots and 5K run t-shirts to embrace the new trends for the fall season you know and love so much. Buckle up, we’re about to get in the DeLorean and revisit some of the greatest trends of all time and adapt them to modern day style. Here are the latest trends to rock for fall 2020:

  1. Heavy Metal

Maybe it the burgeoning frustration of lockdown that is spiking our rebellious, dramatic flair for metal, metal everywhere, but little does it matter. Metal is back in a big way. Whether you are sporting a hi-silver button down, sequined mini little frock or a blazer that says “rock ‘n’ roll” you’ll be so glad the metallic scene has resurged. Silk-blend camisoles, bedazzled bodysuits and chrome miniskirts are back and boy have we missed them.

Metal can really be adapted to any persona or lifestyle. You’ll see metal incorporated in a variety of ways and there are really no rules for wearing it, other than just being your outrageously wonderful self.

  1. Faux Leather

Ring, ring, calling next door neighbor, faux leather! Metallics are hot and even more dramatic when complimented by animal-cruelty-free leather. Yes, we are talking to you – moms, teenagers, corporate slayers, front-line service and remote workers. You can add a little razzle to your metallic dazzle when you enlist a few pieces of faux leather. 

As the weather dips, we can add on another warming layer and still look haute.  It’s ­not only celebrated but can be worn in nearly any capacity. Leggings, jackets, puff-sleeved tops – there is no limit on what kind of faux leather you want to sport as long as you feel good. And you’re ensuring that it’s faux, of course.

  1. Faux Fur

‘Tis the season of faux, and because cooler temperatures are sneaking up on us, it’s time to warm up with style. And there is nothing like a faux-fur-adorned piece that will have you stepping out like an A-lister with swagger. Plus, it’s getting chilly and no one likes a cold, shivering fashion doll. There are so many styles and so many ways to wear it this year that you really can’t go wrong. 

This fall you’ll see celebrities stepping out in fur trimmed hoods, necklines and gloves. Faux fur is traditionally worn via jackets and boots but depending on your locale – you can incorporate this fuzzy fun in basically any garment. As with your faux leather counterparts, ensure that the fur is in fact, faux.

  1. Prep-School

Fall usually reminds us of our back-to-school days. Freshly sharpened pencils, new school supplies, and of course – new clothes! You don’t have to miss out on the nostalgia or the excitement of your early school days – you can honor the good ol’ times with shrunken argyle sweater-vests, cheeky argyle A-line skirts or just a nod to fall with a houndstooth headband. 

This aesthetic might show a new version of the striped sweater, pinstripe blazers, cable knit cardigans and the classic t-shirt. Pay homage to fall with that prep-school swagger and don’t be ashamed to flaunt your inner Gossip Girl persona.

  1. Plaids

Speaking of throwbacks, plaids are back and more popular than ever. It might be a jagged pill to swallow, but the 90s were a whole two decades ago, however, the grunge scene fashion prevails with a sophisticated style. It’s rebellious, it feels happy and you’ll be looking retro chic. The runways laid out several guises for this classic look, which simply dominated fashion shows this fall. 

We all remember Cher from Clueless sashaying into school with her bright yellow plaid ensemble and while the trend has evolved, it’s never truly gone away. Plaids are being worn top to bottom with flannel shirts, pleated skirts, gingham dresses and checkered leggings. Even better? The accessory to pair it with is the 90s favorite choker.

  1. Fringe

The past tends to repeat itself which is no different this season when fringe reappears again. Fringe has made cameos before, but 2020 is embracing this iconic look full forced. Of course, you could go with the classic fringe on a moto-jacket, long coat or crew sweater – but regardless, it’s time to let fringe take the spotlight. Plus, it feels fun and as you twirl and gesture, the chorus of fringe will support you to support you wherever you next quick outing may be.

  1. Jewel-Tones

Just because summer is coming to a close, doesn’t mean we have to put an end to bright, luxurious colors. With fall comes darker days, and there is no way better to keep our spirits high than with deep emerald, citrine, ruby and sapphire hues. You can wear these colors on blouses, blazers, rights and shoulder-puffed tops. Go catch some eyes and feel treasured when you flaunt jewel-tones this season.

  1. Geometric Patterns

The bold, geometrical, dotted patterns of the past have come back to remind us just how edgy they are. This trend is all about fun and funk, so the more out-of-the box garments you can find, the better. These patterns have been splashed across jackets, dresses and heavy sweaters. You’ll keep all eyes on you whether on the group facetime or sauntering with your four-legged friend down the street. Geometrics are back in a big way.

  1. Spots, Stripes and Scales

While we are sensitive to our animal kingdom friends thus wearing faux leather and fur, it doesn’t stop us from admiring and adorning their natural beauty. Let’s face it, animal prints are fun, trendy and let us lead a more expressive life. And while never truly out of style, fashion designers went hard on these prints this year and we’re not sorry. You’ll see the trend across female and male clothing. From head to toe, you can even sport multiple textures, styles and animal prints. It’s time to let your inner fashion beast out!

  1. Mini-Skirts

The temperature may be going down, but the hemline is going up. This season we say goodbye to long, flowing midis and maxis and welcome back the mini. While many celebrate the mini skirt, past decades have proved that some avoid it at all costs. If you think you can’t wear a mini skirt this season, you may want to consider all the new tight options to keep your legs safe from the chill. But another lucky coincidence happens to be the resurgence of the knee-high boot.

  1. Knee-High Boots

They keep us warm, they keep us chic, and there are so many options based on your fashion preferences. This season brought suede and leather knee-highs both in a riding style or more risqué with a tight vinyl. No matter, your legs don’t have to suffer from chill this season from the gusts and precipitation. 

Tuck your jeans, trousers, or just match with a leg-bearing dress to still feel stylish, sensible and insulated. You might find a few staples to repurpose for the season, or you might go all out trotting around in every style, heel length and fabric. Knee-high boots will always be a classic in our book and we’re happy to see them back!

  1. Cutouts

Cutouts aren’t just for the monokini these days. The girlish, famous 2000s slits, holes and windows to the skin have been elevated to modern woman status. Runway designers showed us how we can incorporate this funky, poised look into even business attire this fall. 

Victoria Beckham is embracing the trend by dropping threads from elbows and hips and you’ll likely witness many fashion brands follow suit. Afterall, Mrs. Beckham can do no wrong when it comes to fashion.

  1. Capes

You don’t have to be royalty or a superhero to sport this trendy fall staple. Capes are back (no pun intended) and they have you looking fly (pun intended). Even ponchos are successfully posing as capes on the runway. Formalwear has welcomed the trend with loving arms, and no fabric is barred when it comes to a cape. If you want to go big and bold, or understated and casual, a cape will have you flying above the rest. The runways were witness to many fabulous capes wavering down the runway with this fall, so have confidence in this fun frock.

  1. Chains

Thick and ropey, small and delicate – chains bring much and know no bounds. Gold, silver, bronze – bags, belts and jewelry, chains are a welcome disruption to the conservative COVID-19 lifestyle we are so accustomed to. You always feel a little more rocker-chick when sporting some sassy chains, but there is also the iconic cheekiness to the chained-strap bag or embellished shoe. With so many mix and match ways to wear these, you should definitely invest in some chained accessories this season.

  1. Casual Boss Persona

Let’s face it, whether you’re the boss at work or just your own personal agenda, this style is as empowering as it is comfortable. The sophisticated twist is a far cry from your favorite Zoom call shirt and you can feel as articulate as you look. Oversized blazers, statement necklines and a high-waisted trouser are leading this look in fall 2020 and we haven’t been this excited since we got to wear jeans on Fridays. Leave your hair in a messy bun, or style it the way you did in the olden days when business casual was the norm.

  1. 80s Denim

Spin us right round, baby – the 80s are joining the gang for the fall 2020 comeback season. Designers were taking this look next level, but the buyers’ market is pairing it down and purchasing more wearable looks. Think acid-wash jeans, chunky earrings and tapered jumpsuits with big shoulders. The shape is just as important as the wash this year with well placed pleats and lots of bulk. No better time to welcome fall than with the throwback love of 80s denim.


As we head into a new season, not knowing how, when or where the next big atomic shift in 2020 will occur, we can definitely start celebrating seasonal fashion again. And there is no time like the present to get a little funky, explore new aesthetics and live a little – even if it is at home, or publicly distanced situations. We lived vicariously through the fall runway shows, and now it’s time to start dressing for ourselves and our own personal happiness.

Thank you, fashion trends of fall 2020, we welcome the fresh breath of autumn air, and the new clothing.

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