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5 Ways to Treat Neck Pain

Stiffness in the neck is not only painful, but it can greatly affect your daily activities, the quality of your rest, and your overall mood. In essence, neck pain can be one of the most aggravating physical ailments, hence the existence of the term “pain in the neck”.

You’re Not Alone

More and more people are experiencing neck pain due to poor posture, not having an ergonomically sound workspace, and increased use of mobile devices, which can cause people to crane their necks at unnatural angles.

What To Do

Since neck strain sufferers vary with the intensity of stiffness and pain they endure, there are quite a few techniques for managing all the discomfort. 

So, what are your options?

1. Stretch

Fitness enthusiasts and medical professionals alike will tell you stretching is one of the best things you can do for a stiff neck. Some helpful stretches include rolling your shoulders back and forth, squeezing your shoulder blades together several times, slowly moving your ear to your shoulder on each side, and slowly turning your head from side to side.

2. Plant-Based Topical Cream

When you apply a 100% plant-based topical such as Joint Mud, you can rest assured you’ll be feeling relief in no time. The clinically proven organic formula has been shown to provide 74% pain relief in just 18 minutes (some claim even sooner). The same clinical study showed long-term results of a reduction in pain by 239 percent in 28 days. This elixir also increases joint/muscle flexibility while improving range of motion. Visit

3. Change Your Sleep Position

If you are a chronic stomach sleeper like many, you are putting unnecessary strain on your neck for prolonged periods of time that can then lead to stiffness. By shifting to sleep on your side or back, you can sleep more peacefully due to added support. You can also look into getting an ergonomic pillow for better rest.

4. Reduce Stress

Anxiety, stress, and lack of moral support – all of these and other psychosocial factors have been linked as potential causes of neck pain. Tension and stress build in the neck resulting in tight and achy muscles. This can also lead to severe headaches and tightness in the shoulder areas. This tension can affect everything from safe driving to being productive at work. Cognitive therapy, prioritization, and meditation can all help to alleviate stress.

5. Plant-Based Supplement

It may be your first instinct to reach for ibuprofen or another pain reliever, but all this does is mask your already crippling pain. Natural Joint is a plant-based supplement that is clinically proven to reduce joint discomfort by 51.1% in just five days and by 82.2% in 28 days. 

The 1 per day capsule includes 37 natural ingredients to help you feel better while improving your mobility, range of motion, flexibility, strength, and bone density. The supplement works to alleviate both joint and muscle pain so you can get back to your busy life, pain-free. Visit


People have been suffering from neck pain for years, and with the increasing use of technology coupled with stress, anxiety, and poor sleep – the intensity of the pain can continue to grow. When you begin using some of these methods to clear away your pain, you’ll begin to feel happier and more able to perform the activities you enjoy.

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