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5 Ways to Treat Hip Pain

The aching, the swelling, the limited mobility – if you’ve ever suffered from hip pain you know all too well the frustration associated with treating it. If you’ve already seen a specialist or done some initial research online, many sources will cite flexibility and strength exercises as a good first step for relief, however, these can also cause some temporary discomfort.

What To Do

To truly get on the fast track to relief, you’ll want to take a combined approach so you can tackle the pain without aggravating it.

1. Gentle Exercises

The goal here is to reduce stiffness while improving mobility. 1 to 3 exercises per day can begin to ease discomfort and support the hip joint while improving muscle strength. 

Resistance exercises such as knee lifts, external hip rotations, lower back stretches, and mini squats can all be beneficial, but none of these should be causing more pain. Yoga is also a great way to alleviate pain and strengthen your musculoskeletal system.

2.  RICE – (Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation)

If your hip pain was caused by an isolated event or an injury, this might be helpful. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation make up the RICE combination and reduce stressful activity while treating swelling and inflammation. Compression reduces the possibility of hemorrhaging and elevating the leg above the heart reduces any internal bleeding.

3. Plant-Based Pain Supplement

This clinically proven supplement can provide a 51.1% improvement in the reduction of joint pain in the first five days and 82.2% in just 28 days. The 100% plant-based supplement comes in a capsule form to be taken orally once per day. 

The formula begins working rapidly to increase joint mobility, rebuild strength and density, reduce muscle stiffness, and improve joint and bone health. It also contains no glucosamine or chondroitin. Visit:

4. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Extra weight on the body can be extremely stressful for joints, particularly in the hips. Hips are the epicenter for human movement and when they are working overtime to support more weight, this can lead to osteoarthritis and potentially a need for hip replacement surgery. Following a healthy diet and getting adequate exercise can ease hip pain, and it’s better for your overall health.

5. Topical Solution

Joint Mud is an organic topical blend that has been clinically proven to provide a 74% improvement in joint and muscle pain in just 18 minutes and provides a 239% improvement in 28 days. This formula contains 27 organic plant ingredients which not only give you immediate relief, it also improves joint mobility. This is another product that does not contain glucosamine, which can affect glucose tolerance, or chondroitin which can act as a blood thinner. Check out for more information.


Whether your hip pain is the result of a recent injury, or it has been slowly building over time, these are some of the best solutions for non-invasive treatment. Your lifestyle plays a huge role in managing your hip pain so try to maintain a healthy diet, avoid stress, and get exercise when possible.

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