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Top Hairsprays Without Alcohol

If you are a hairspray enthusiast, you know how drying these products can be – especially those containing alcohol. Just one spritz can zap all the moisture out of your hair and have it feeling like fiberglass. Alcohol has been a staple ingredient of hairspray through the ages, and most are convinced it is the element that makes hairspray work so well. The alcohol-free counterparts can be exceptionally hard to find, which is want you’ll want and need to use, particularly if your hair is color-treated, naturally curly, or damaged. 

When you start using an alcohol-free version of the classic beauty product, you may notice a significant difference in the texture and look of your hair. Even if you don’t have the aforementioned issues, you still may want to opt for something without alcohol, because it is simply healthier for your tresses, and you likely want to keep them that way. It may be hard to convert from your tried and true hairspray of the past, but don’t be reluctant to give alcohol-free versions a try. They do work! And your hair will thank you for the break from all the harmful alcohol it’s been doused with.

If you’re looking for the best alcohol-free hairsprays on the market – we got you. We’ve tested them all and here are our recommendations:

Best Overall: 

Kenra Professional Shaping Spray 21

Kenra has been known as a hot name in hairstyling and professionals love their products. They have mastered the art of alcohol-free hairspray, and the Professional Shaping Spray 21 is something you should have in your styling collection because it keeps your hair hydrated, has a firm hold and it dries to a nice shiny finish, making your hair look uber-healthy. The rave reviews should indicate what a great hairspray this is but try it for yourself! Mind you, this is a “shaping spray” so it allows you to style before it sets completely. If you are one who likes to tease and manipulate your locks, this is a great option. It’s a tremendous option for fine hair as it won’t weigh it down and it won’t feel crunchy to the touch. The smell is delightful and this may just be your new favorite styling spray of all time.

Best Volumizing: 

SexyHair Healthy Pure Addiction Alcohol Free Hairspray

Va-Va-volume? Yes, please! If you’ve been looking to add some zhuzh up your style with a little more amplification, SexyHair has a reputation for this, specifically. Now that the company has released the Healthy Pure Addiction Alcohol-Free Hairspray, you may just be – well, addicted. The spray dries a bit faster than most alcohol-free formulas and it ups the ante with humidity control. Yes, you can volumize that hair and keep it safe from humidity simultaneously. Sounds like malarky? It’s not! This is a medium-hold hairspray that produces high shine. A favorite among professionals and consumers, this spray won’t give you that sticky feeling of traditional hairsprays and it really does smell pretty dreamy. Many people who suffer from an itchy scalp have found this product to be a great solution.

Best Drugstore: 

Herbal Essences Bio-Renew Flexible Airspray Alcohol-Free Hairspray

We all remember those classic Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner commercials from the 90s, they were a bit risqué and a bit ahead of the time, but the “essence” was the smell of Herbal Essence products, and the Bio-Renew Flexible Airspray Alcohol-Free Hairspray rings true to the reputation. If you’re in the market for a more affordable alcohol-free hairspray, Herbal Essences has produced this product which will give you a light-to-medium hold, and it won’t break the bank. The hairspray boasts a signature blend of essential antioxidants, sea kelp extract, aloe, and bamboo, designed to help purify and protect against impurities. Your hair will be feeling soft and smooth because bio-renew products have 0 percent parabens, gluten, alcohol, and colorants. It can truly bring dull hair back to life in just 21 days.

Best Strong Hold: 

Pantene Pro-V Airspray Hair Spray

If you’re looking for a stronger hold and a more coiffed look, Pantene always delivers. Be judicious with the spraying though because extra-hold usually means extra sticky. Small bursts are a better way to go when spritzing this on your locks. If you apply too much at once your hair might feel a bit wet and harder to work with. In Pantene world, this is rated a 2 on the scale of hold, but if you’re not used to a stronger hairspray, this might be strong enough. It does give a flexible hold as it is lightweight. And you can still brush and control your hair after it dries and will give you a healthy bounce. The alcohol-free factor helps lock out humidity. All that being said, Pantene has been a famous hair product for many, many years, because the company has a lot of expertise when developing products.

Best for Dry Hair: 

L’ange Hair Luster Spray Laminate

If you’re one who’s been fighting the dry-hair battle, this L’ange Hair Luster Spray Laminate is here to salve your condition. It’s ingredients like jojoba seed oil, vitamin E, safflower seed oil, and lemongrass extract, can be used to protect against damage, add shine and nourish hair strands. It is antioxidant-rich and adds a bit of polish and texture that dry-hair sufferers aren’t so accustomed to. L’ange is one of the luxury brands, but the investment is worth it as it is lightweight and contains UV filters to protect your hair from environmental elements. And you don’t have to have dry hair to benefit. This spray works on any hair type, and especially those with fine hair have become huge fans. It even works well on hair extensions! Control frizz, reduce flyways and enjoy healthy-looking, salon-style hair.

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