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Top Fashion Jewelry Brands of 2021

When it comes to jewelry, we may never have a universal taste that we all agree on, and that’s why there’s a wide range of jewelry brands in the world today. However, with our different tastes in jewelry, there can’t be one brand that answers all our jewelry questions. We have the choice of trying out different pieces, mixing and matching until we find those perfect fits or just taking the words of these brands.

Whether you prefer necklaces and bracelets, or rings and earrings are your things, there’s definitely a place for you, somewhere. If you intend to take your fashion statement to the next level by investing in the best fashion jewelry brands, then this article is for you. 

Here, we’ve put together a list of the top fashion jewelry brands of 2021 and what makes each of them stand out. Get ready to have a worthwhile experience with our list of different impressive collections. 

Monica Vinader

Also a part of Selfridges, Monica Vinader is a brand that was founded to celebrate women and inspire them to stay confident at all times. Monica Vinader’s jewelry is focused on quality, rather than pricing or exclusivity. Monica Vinader is also about ethical processing and materials, and they do this by recycling sterling silver, gold vermeil, and ethically sourced materials like gemstones. Monica Vinader represents the creation of art and not just jewelry.

When you think of Monica Vinader, you think of integrity and innovative design. You also think of elegant and luxurious, yet simple pieces. Monica Vinader earrings in particular stand out from other brands because they have in-built gems in different effeminate shapes. They are made with the intention of elevating looks, whether they are the typical everyday look or looks with the “extra” vibe to them. Everyone needs the extra touch of Monica Vinader in her wardrobe.


Cartier Jewelry

Cartier is synonymous with luxury. No one can ever say no to a Cartier piece of jewelry. Whatever piece you decide to go with, whether a classic bracelet or a watch or the famous Cartier ring sets, Cartier provides you with the savoir-faire iconic French luxury feel you want (or need). So if you go with a classic “Love” bracelet, or the “Juste un Clou” and the “Panthere de Cartier” designs, you can count on Cartier to elevate your jewelry form.

However, nothing says Cartier more than the Cartier Tank watch. If you indeed need a symbol of modern elegance, then this is what you need. 

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany Jewelry

Talk about rings, and the name on everyone’s lips is Tiffany & Co. Almost every woman out there has a dream of getting an engagement ring from Tiffany & Co because of the name they’ve made for themselves. However, not a lot of people realize that Tiffany & Co isn’t just about engagement rings. This fashion house makes provision for every type of jewelry, from casual bracelets, sophisticated pendants, stainless steel watches, and necklaces. 

Tiffany & Co can be your go-to brand choice for every jewelry need you have. Also, because of how popular the company has become for its engagement rings, it’s easy for customers to trust their other products. Tiffany & Co can be your failsafe jewelry plug you can put your trust in.


The Tateossian brand has existed for over 30 years, and for those 30 years, they’ve stayed at the forefront of jewelry making. Founded by Robert Tateossian, this brand has made “playful energy” their essence. Tateossian represents innovation, quality, and creativity true and through. Tateossian has always cited simple things such as the world and the discovery of new stones or new materials as their inspiration.

Tateossian collections have different beautiful expressions, from lone gold and rose gold, to pale-toned crystals and gemstones. They offer a wide range of pieces of jewelry, from necklaces, bracelets, and bangles, to earrings and rings, so whatever your style is, Tateossian got you covered.


Rosh Mahtani created a timeless brand in 2014 when she created the Alighieri jewelry brand. The London-based jewelry company quickly moved from a local brand to an internationally well-known brand that’s now everyone’s favorite. Every lady who’s truly into fashion will either already own an Alighieri piece, or hope to own one. 

Alighieri’s so exceptional that it won the acclaimed Queen Elizabeth II Award last year. The Alighieri designs are influenced by the Divine Comedy from Dante Alighieri, and for them, it’s represented by an understated range of jewelry. From medallion necklaces, sacred rings, and pearl earrings which are gorgeously plated in their signature 24-carat gold.  The Alighieri pieces are outstanding and should be owned by every fashionable lady.

Anisa Sojka

Although an upcoming jewelry brand, Anisa Sojka is one to look out for. Starting out as a lockdown brand that only shared great hair and jewelry styling tips on social media, Anisa Sojka’s brand has now evolved into creating accessories and jewelry pieces for customers.


From pearled ear cuffs and chunky gold chains, to flat snake bracelets, Anisa Sojka works to provide classic and chic accessories at affordable prices. If you’re looking for affordability, timelessness, and sophistication, then Anisa’s your choice. They also offer great hair accessories as a plus too!

Charlotte Chesnais

This Paris-based brand is the birth child of Charlotte Chesnais, a former worker at the top design company, Balenciaga. After leaving Balenciaga, she went on to create her self-titled jewelry brand that gets its inspiration from sculptures of Jean Arps and the colleges of Henri Matisse as you’ll see in the simple details of the pieces. Charlotte Chesnais’ most popular piece is from the “Ivy Family” collection – a looping earring with an unfurl downwards part which then goes back up the ear. Charlotte Chesnais gives a classic, elegant, and well-crafted feel to those who have them on.


The founder of the Mateo brand, Matthew Harris, was born and raised in the Montego Bay part of Jamaica, where he discovered his passion for jewelry making. He eventually moved to New York after he completed his studies where he launched his jewelry house, Mateo. Although Mateo was originally popular for their men’s signature accessories, Mateo eventually moved to the production of fine jewelry for women. 

Mateo products are all about luxurious precious metal pieces that have been carefully crafted with precious metals and infusion of gemstones and diamonds. Mateo is all about simplicity and giving them at reasonable prices.

Thomas Sabo

Thomas Sabo Jewelry

All about the royal themes and celestial motifs, Thomas Sabo is for every lady who considers herself a queen. Their pieces are made with innovation and expression in mind. The label has a wide range of classic pieces and dramatic-edgy designs. It’s not a Thomas Sabo if it doesn’t have stars, crucifixes, or skulls embedded somewhere in the dainty diamond embellishments, or with one of the infamous love knot motifs around it. 

Thomas Sabo cares about projecting the essence of each wearer’s personality or emotion by ensuring that it distills it into a pendant, bracelet, ring, or any wearable piece of art. Thomas Sabo is about communicating your thoughts and personality through what you wear. 


Fenton is a people’s favorite for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it takes on ethical responsibilities in a lot of ways. First, its company vision comes from a place of believing that the attachments we feel when we wear our jewelry pieces shouldn’t be at the expense of anybody. So while creating timeless jewelry pieces, they endeavor to support factory workers and everyone involved in the process. Every colorful piece of jewelry you see and buy from Fenton is ethically sourced. 

Also, Fenton stands out because it gives you the option of creating your choice ring or selecting a ready-to-ship option. You can count on the expert crafting and the high-quality materials by which your favorite pieces are made.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta has existed for a while, but it wasn’t until 2018 when it rebranded and brought in new creatives and directors, particularly Daniel Lee that the fashion house blossomed into something bigger and gave more attention to its jewelry department.

Bottega Veneta’s popular for its signature sharply crafted edge pieces, and its jewelry isn’t left out. They provide a wide range of sophisticated pieces with outstanding and defiant details. Their earrings, in particular, are the most outstanding in their collections, and they bring on every necessary element that you can imagine for earrings. In them, you find a dash of dramatic colors, thorough features, knotting textures, and all you can imagine. 


The question with Cos is, “what’s not to love?” In a well-saturated jewelry market, Cos provides its customers with elegant, eye-catching, and minimalist designs, making it easily mistaken for a luxury brand. Cos quickly became the rave of the moment, and the earring collection is easily becoming a fan favorite. Every piece is brilliantly sculpted, and you can find any style that fits your need, whether ceramic-inspired style, dangly, general texture, or recycled polyester hoops. Cos is there to the rescue!

Gigi Clozeau took after her father. But instead of going the typical artisan way, she decided to channel her energy a different way and create a jewelry brand through which she’s been able to relive her childhood memories of her father’s Parisian studios.

No doubt, Gigi’s been able to create a distinctive brand with distinctive sets of jewelry giving off a genuine aesthetic feeling with their resin beads and 18-carat gold chain features. Gigi’s brand is also effeminate and modernized, so if what you’re looking for is a delicate 2020s feel, this is your go-to brand. It’s not uncommon to find small gold embellishments or diamond motifs details around a Gigi Clozeau piece.

Alice Made This

The London-based Alice Made This defines its jewelry brand through one word: precision. They go all the way to ensure that their work and every piece put out is carefully planned for, with the best artisans and engineers working to ensure that the “precision” message is passed across. The creative mind behind the brand, Alice Walsh, works with these artisans to ensure that every piece is technically perfect and assured to last a lifetime.

It also features a water-casting collection which is an absolute beauty to behold. The first choice piece for anyone using Alice Made This for the first time is the AMT toolbox. It contains a refined curation of minimalist pendants with a complete gold and silver chain collection. 


Prada Jewelry

Asides from being popular for its mastered leather and clothing designs, Prada also has a thriving jewelry department. They stand out with their chunky pieces of braided nappa and saffiano buckled bracelets. Most of their products and items are sealed with the brand’s metal triangle logo enameled into a conspicuous part of the piece. The Italian Household name gives your sense of style a different feel and upgrades whatever style you think you already have.

Want to show off your sense of style through designer accessories, then Prada should be your choice.

Melissa Joy Manning

The Melissa Joy Manning brand brings a different twist to the jewelry industry. Initially inspired by Melissa’s fondness for culture and travel, the brand was formed. Melissa Joy Manning’s jewelry pieces are carefully, consciously, and lovingly crafted.

Every piece is made out of sustainable materials and processes by hand in California and recycled with 14-carat gold. You can get different collections of rich earthy tones and other aquatic themes that show dedication to the earth.

Without any doubt, there are many jewelry brands out there that put out different pieces to suit various purposes. However, the list above can help you make the best choices, depending not only on popularity but also on usefulness, variety, and ethical considerations. 

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