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The [Self-Love] Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day provides an opportunity to show those you love just how much you care. It can also be a time for showing yourself the same amount of love and appreciation. While classical gifts such as flowers and chocolates will be on your shopping list, we recommend adding in a special gift just for you, the gift of self-love. Whether you are single, married, or something else, looking your best is the ultimate way to radiate love from the inside out. Our beauty experts have put together a list of our favorite products that will have you looking fabulous and renewed before the day ends.

Full body LOVE: StemuTone Body Serum

Our top recommended cream for refreshed skin this Valentine’s day is StemuTone. We love this cream because it’s made entirely of all-natural ingredients, and unlike most other anti-aging serums, it is clinically proven to firm and tighten skin.

Skincare Treatment

Adonia Organics offers a line of skincare created by doctors, but the most effective product is their StemuTone Body Serum, designed to smooth your skin in under 20 minutes. Even better? This serum can improve your skin’s tone and texture with continued use — it’s proven to boost elasticity and reduce the look of crepey skin by 78% in only 28 days.

Organic Ingredients

StemuTone can address wrinkled skin on all parts of the body, especially great for the hands and chest. Its most powerful ingredient is plant stem cells, shown to boost collagen and elastin, two key proteins that work to maintain your skin’s youthful appearance. It also contains organic rose, ginger, lavender, peppermint, cherry, carrot, lemon verbena, and more to protect your skin from free radicals and other environmental factors that can cause damage and lead to premature aging.

How to use

When applying StemuTone (or any other face or body cream), be sure to use gentle, circular motions, and avoid pulling the skin too hard, as this can exacerbate crepey or sagging skin.

StemuTone Body Serum is only available with free shipping at

Stemutone by Adonia Organics

Quick Wrinkler Reducer: Athena 7 Minute Lift

Next, another fantastic product designed to uplift skin is the Athena 7 Minute Lift Serum. Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 83% within just 7 minutes, we love this plant-stem lift for its ability to tackle everything from saggy skin, undereye puffiness, crow’s feet, and frown lines.

Plant-based Ingredients

This 100% plant-based product has a rich selection of 12 gentle, all-natural Greek plant oils designed to rejuvenate the skin. Organic skincare ingredients include jasmine oil, almond oil, green tea leaf, rose oil, edelweiss extract, avocado oil, and more

How to use

When applying this product, we recommended applying in the morning. Place a small amount on your applicator brush (a little goes a long way), then apply it to all the areas with visible lines and wrinkles, wait about 7 minutes for your results, and that’s it! This product will provide you with a beautiful lift lasting between 7-10 hours before fading. For deeper lines and wrinkles reapply as needed.

Available with free shipping at

After 7 minutes!!

Gorgeous Looking Legs in 9 Minutes: LegTone Cream

Adonia Legtone

One of our favorite anti-cellulite creams is LegTone because it harnesses the power of plant stem cells to boost skin cell growth and give your skin a firm, tight appearance. Cellulite occurs when the skin loses elasticity and fat cells protrude through the tissue below, so by strengthening and firming your epidermis, LegTone effectively reduces the appearance of lumps and bumps.

Rapid Results

Its non-greasy formula absorbs in seconds and has been proven to improve skin’s texture in only 9 minutes. While fast-acting, LegTone’s effects are only temporary, lasting 12 to 24 hours. That said, when incorporated into a beauty routine and used daily, LegTone can actually reduce the overall appearance of cellulite by up to 72%.

Key Skin-Boosting Ingredients

Boasting countless organic ingredients, including neroli, lemon, carrot seed oil, and ginger oil, LegTone is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. It’s also paraben-free and cruelty-free, too!

While LegTone is one of the most effective anti-cellulite creams to fight existing lumps and bumps, we also recommend this for people looking for creams to keep cellulite at bay. We love this product because it improves your skin’s overall health, so it can be used as a preventative cream to keep skin looking smooth. You can find this product at

Sexy Glow: Blue Saint Instant Self-Tanning Foam

Known to be one of the best and most luxurious self-tanning foams on the market, the Blue Saint Self-Tanning Foam is designed to give a beautiful, bronze color to your skin in just 15 minutes without any of the harmful side effects that typically go along with tanning products. Carefully designed with plant-based ingredients, Blue Saint is known as the only probiotic self-tanner that guarantees no fake tan look and provides you with smooth and natural-looking results with each use.

In our opinion, we love this tanning foam as it is not only plant-based and gentle for the skin, but it is also great for those with crepey skin due to its high level of probiotics which help to hydrate and protect the skin for less visible signs of aging, as well as Glycerin, which comes highly recommended by many dermatologists for crepey skin for its ability to hold moisture, keeping the skin, plump, smooth, and protected.

How to apply

With that said, to apply, all you do is apply 2-3 pumps for each area of your body onto a mitt and gently massage into skin and leave for 15 minutes for the ultimate bronze. This product is available on

Younger Looking Eyes: Peptide 10

A product by Adonia Organics designed to refresh your face is their new Peptide 10. With a promise to provide visible results in just 2 minutes, Peptide 10 penetrates the skin’s epidermal layer with 10 key Nano-Peptides: unique proteins designed to help smooth, lift, and firm your skin. This is the perfect self-love Valentine’s Day gift with each use bringing a more youthful appearance (fast).

Key Ingredients

With key ingredients such as probiotics for nourishment and conditioning of the skin, Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12 for boosting collagen production, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 for tackling the appearance of wrinkles, and Pentapeptide-18, which helps to smooth out deep wrinkles in the skin, this product is rich in all the essentials needed to tackle wrinkled skin.

How to use

Best applied in the morning, we love this product for its ability to improve the texture and resilience of the skin with each use as well as provide visible results in under 3 minutes. Not to mention, this formula is also 100% plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free, which is another huge plus. With that said, you can shop this product on

Peptide 10
Peptide 10
Before picture
Peptide 10
After only 3 minutes!


As you might have noticed the beauty experts at OBR love the product line of Adonia Organics. This is why we put together our favorite products that we know will not disappoint. Whether you spend this Valentine’s Day with romance, friendship, or self-loving, you are guaranteed to look your best! Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at the Organic Beauty Report!

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