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The Best Vitamins that are Good for Your Skin

All our lives we have been told to take vitamins for a variety of health reasons. These aren’t the most pleasant things to ingest, and there has been controversy as to whether a supplement vitamin can work as well as deriving it from a natural source. But that’s a whole other topic.

As you begin to age, you might see a decline in the elasticity and health of your skin. More wrinkles start to appear, your laugh lines are more prominent, you may start to notice the effects of sun exposure from over the years – there is a whole laundry list that comes with aging skin. This is when we start to make the skin to vitamin connection. These micronutrients have been working to promote your health and immune system, so it’s only natural that vitamins would have an effect on your skin.

How To Get Vitamins In Your System

When it comes to your skin, you can either take vitamins orally (if you are opting for oral vitamins, do consult a physician or dietician); or apply directly to the skin in a serum or cream form. And with so many vitamins and so many skin types, not every vitamin will work the same or benefit each person the same.

There is a whole world to explore with plenty of science behind it, but we want to give you a rundown of the best vitamins that can impact your skin, for the better. 

Top 5 Vitamins For Your Skin:

Vitamin E

It seems like one of the unknown ones – like, what actually does it do? These moisturizing antioxidant guards the skin barrier and fights those mysterious free radicals we hear so much about. When combined with vitamin C, this can actually help prevent the effects of UV exposure.

Vitamin C

This is a pretty common staple of high-performing skincare products. Not only does it help boost collagen production, but it also improves discoloration and helps fight environmental factors. There are a LOT of vitamin C skin products out there, and not all will be great for your skin. It really depends on the formula and potency of the product.

Vitamin A

Highly regarded as one of the most effective skin vitamins around. One form of it is called Retinol and can change the appearance of the skin’s surface as it promotes skin turnover renewal. It also helps fight acne. The most potent retinol is typically prescribed but there are a few over-the-counter topicals as well.

Vitamin D

Naturally derived from the sun, our bodies need vitamin D but we should not head outside to sunbathe. One of the main reasons people find a topical with Vitamin D is that it helps with psoriasis. Vitamin D in itself helps with skin production.

Vitamin B

This is an interesting one because it’s not just one vitamin, but rather a collection of vitamins and each one does a very specific job. The family of B vitamins helps to reduce the appearance of pores, dark spots, pigmentation, redness, and fine lines and wrinkles.

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