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How to Make a Spray Tan Last Longer

Spray tans sure have changed the bronze-obsessed market over the years for a variety of reasons. First off, it’s safer than soaking up the hardcore sunlight UV rays, it’s a whole lot more convenient than rubbing self-tanner all over and waiting, and let’s admit it – sunbeds are scary (let alone, also not so safe).

If you’ve ever had a spray tan, you know it’s not the most pleasant experience, but at least it happens quickly! That icy blast can have all the hairs on your body a little jolted, but in all fairness, the spray method does provide an even tan, and if you select the right color, it looks pretty natural.

Downsides To Spray Tanning

One of the biggest downsides to spray tanning (aside from the cost), is the fact that they just don’t last long enough. 

Some formulas can melt off in the shower within a day, oftentimes your bedsheets soak up most of the color in your sleep and just the daily life of sweating, environmental elements, changing clothes, etc. can peel the color right off of you.

The upside is that there are a variety of techniques you can deploy to make your bronze blast hang on longer.

Before Your Appointment

If you are a spray-tanning regular, you probably already know the importance of exfoliating, but where people make the mistake is that they do it the same day. Exfoliate the day prior! Preferably the night prior. Find a good exfoliating wash, use an exfoliating mitt, and remove those dead skin cells! This will also help close up your pores. 

Next, get your shaving done the night before (or get sugared). You want a clean smooth skin surface for the formula to adhere to. Then, slather on the moisturizer. It may seem counterintuitive, but hydrated skin will hold your spray tan longer.

The Day of the Appointment

Now that you are exfoliated, shaved, and moisturized you might think you are all set. But there are a few more critical elements involved. 

Make sure you don’t have any oil-based products on your skin – anywhere. The oil acts as a barrier and your tan won’t stick. No perfumes, deodorants, or moisturizers on the day of. It seems like torture, but you’ll be happy you refrained when your spray lasts twice as long as usual. And it’s a good idea to wear dark clothing. Yes, the dryer thing will give you another shot of the shivers and you may be dying to get out of there and warm up – but chill for a few and then put on something dark and cotton. 

Regardless of the timeframe, the salon suggests not showering – add a few hours on and let it soak. It’s going to seem rough, but you’ll manage! In the first shower you take, only use warm water (not hot) and only use soap where it is absolutely necessary. Let the water run clear and just blot the skin to dry.


So, the real key to extending the tan is moisturizing. We can’t stress it enough! But stick to coconut oil and jojoba oil products. Part of this is also using an extender with a DHA component. This will be crucial to prolonging that tan.

And don’t worry if your face fades the fastest. There are some face mists especially made for making your tan last, so check out a few options that work for you.

And there you have it! Enjoy your bronze bliss and log in confidently to that Zoom call! Of course, your tan will eventually fade, but you may as well take a few steps to bask in it a little bit longer.

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