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What are the Best Makeup Brushes for Beginners

Makeup can truly be used at any skill level, which is good news for beginners. You don’t have to go to cosmetology school or work behind a cosmetics counter to have a flawlessly made-up look. You should, however, start your makeup brush collection if you want a truly smooth, even product application.

If you’ve been using your fingertips for blending thus far, it’s time to dip your toe into the fabulous world of makeup brushes. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them! Just like makeup, there are a ton of brushes out there and you may not know the right ones to select, or if you should get a set, or what to expect out of your investment. Brushes, too, also run the gamut of quality and cost. Once you settle on the necessary brushes you need, you’ll definitely want to experiment and practice with them to pull off the look you are going for. There are brushes for precision, but there are also brushes for the basic day-to-day application. Let us help you get going in the right direction with what we have found to be the best makeup brushes for beginners.

Real Techniques Eye Makeup Starter Set

Because we know the world of brushes can be a bit overwhelming, for some, it may be easiest to begin with a starter set. Real Techniques offers this set which contains five different brushes. The base shadow brush is excellent for sweeping eyeshadow on your lids. Next, you can add a little definition and use the accent brush with a complimentary color. For a definition, you’ll grab the crease brush for the perfect blend. If you want to up the ante, the set includes an eyeliner brush which you can use with a liquid or gel liner. Lastly, you can spruce up those brows by using a powder or cream formula with the brow brush. Voila! Your eyes are on point, and you’ll notice a difference in the way your application turns out. Reviewers love this brush set because each brush is high quality and easy-to-use.

Ecotools Eye Enhancing Duo Set

Just two tools with four brush heads make this set uber convenient, not to mention space-saving. You can shade, define, blend, and smudge. These cruelty-free brushes are also made from recycled materials such as cotton, aluminum, bamboo, and plastic. Saving the earth and getting rad eye makeup? It’s possible with Ecotools. The condensed set will take your day look to a night look in no time. And if you are pressed for room in your makeup bag, these are a miracle way to pack lightly. Celebrities, beauty editors, and reviewers all love the softness of the bristles and won’t go on a weekend trip without them!

MAC Blending Brush and Eye Shading Brush

MAC, unfortunately, doesn’t offer sets, but the company does have two of the best eye brushes in the makeup game. The company’s reputation is near-flawless due to the high-quality products they produce and the fact that all their brushes have been recognized as “game-changing.” The smooth, firm, perfectly shaped, fine fibers of these brushes will make these a staple of your makeup tool collection even when you turn into an artistry master. These are both perfect for powder or cream eyeshadows and apply so smoothly, people will think you are a pro! Because of the ease of use, each can help cut down your application time because you won’t be fussing around much or have to deal with shedding. Because of the engineering and the fineness of the brushes, you will likely have these for quite some time. Each brush design is handcrafted which calls for a heftier price tag, but you won’t be sorry.

BH Cosmetics Pink-a-Dot Brush Set

Holy reviews, Batman! This 11-piece set comes in a convenient cylindrical hard case to keep them together. Brushes include: deluxe fan, powder, angled blush, classic foundation, tapered shadow blending, classic shadow, flat eyeliner, angled shadow, small smudge, tapered eyeliner, and lip brush. If this all seems like a foreign language, fear not, because BH Cosmetics is renowned for top-notch customer service and tutorial videos. Block out an entire day and just get creative, because this set includes a brush for any product applied to your face. Don’t like polka dots? No problem, the same brushes come in a variety of colors and styles to appeal to your sass and liven up your bathroom counter. Reviewers have continuously noted how long-lasting and durable these brushes are. The fibers are thick and more than adequately pick up the product and apply smoothly and evenly.

Moda Triad Concealer Brush

Cream, liquid, or powder, whatever your preference this concealer brush does the job effortlessly. This brush is definitely a worthwhile purchase because its price tag is low, but its quality is high. With a waterproof handle, you can get a firm grip and apply your concealer ever so precisely. This environmentally friendly product picks up product and applies with minimal waste. The bristles are a synthetic fiber blend and the company is so confident you will be satisfied that they offer a two-year warranty.

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