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How to Make Your Own Airbrush Makeup in 4 Steps

There is no denying it, airbrush makeup looks impeccable. That’s why so many A-listers rely on it for their red carpet looks and flawless photos. It sounds a bit intimidating, and the airbrush gun itself looks like something you’d need training for, but you’d be surprised at just how easy is to wield and apply for a gorgeous glow.

As the name would suggest, airbrush make up is applied evenly with a spray on top of the skin. The technology actually only uses a small amount of makeup so it won’t look cakey, heavy or clog pores. Airbrushing is typically used with foundation – which let’s face it, isn’t exactly cheap.

If you’ve ever wondered about airbrushing or, if you’ve been trying to find ways to make this application a bit more affordable, we’ve got good news! You can make your own airbrush makeup and you won’t have to set up a chemistry lab to do it.

It all starts with easy-to-find ingredients. However, you will need to use a bit of your current foundation as a base.

Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • Four cups of cornstarch
  • Half a cup of glycerin
  • A cup or less of water
  • Two cups of baking soda
  • Four cups of vinegar
  • Your shade of foundation or concealer
  • Storage jars

4 Steps:

  1. Mix the baking soda and vinegar
  2. Mix the Glycerin and the cornstarch together:

Then add it to your baking soda and vinegar mixture. You’ll want to ensure all the ingredients have a whipped consistency and that there aren’t any lumps or air bubbles. 

  1. Add Water Very Slowly: 

It’s recommended to use a dropper for ultimate control. If you want a lighter weight formula, you can use more water. 

  1. Add a Little of Your Regular Foundation to the Mixture: 

In just minutes you’re all set to add this formula to your airbrush gun. It’s definitely a good idea to test out your mixture on your forearm or a paper towel so you can check the consistency. If you find it’s too thick, just add a bit more water, and if it’s too runny you can add some more cornstarch. It may take a bit of trial and error to get it just right, but we have confidence that you can master it.


Now you are ready to step out like a Hollywood star. You don’t have to deal with messy sponges, brushes, or your fingertips. It is important to clean your airbrush gun after each use, otherwise, you could end up clogging it, and you might have old makeup in there that needs to be refreshed. Cleaning your airbrush gun is pretty simple. You can use water, alcohol, nail polish remover, or paint thinner. Just add a few drops to the “bowl” and let sit for approximately two minutes. Next, take a cotton swab and ensure you are getting all the makeup out of the gun AND all the cleaner. And there you have it! Professional makeup without too much fuss.

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