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DIY Makeup With Household Items

Makeup is expensive. Yes, even the drugstore stuff. If you are a beauty-obsessed human, you know all too well how much money you can spend per year on looking gorgeous. Sometimes we can stomach the total because shopping for makeup is just so darn fun. 

The colors, the textures, the options – it’s all so glamorous and glorious. But if you are trying to put yourself on a budget, you may need to cut or limit your luxury cosmetic items. The terror!

But wait – it doesn’t mean you have to go bare-faced. You might be surprised that you can save a few bucks and look just as beautiful using a few common household items! 

Here Are 6 Ideas:

  1. Sharpies: Cat Eye Liner 

If you are cat-eyed crazed and you love the look of a sharp liquid liner – a Sharpie might even do a better job than your regular liner. This is a common work discovery many, if you’ve ever rubbed your eyes in the office, laughed yourself to tears over a watercooler joke, or just simply let the day fade you to streaks. 

Think of Laura Prepon from Orange Is the New Black – this was her makeup go-to look. Sharpies can also double as filler for chipped nails! You wouldn’t want to use it for a full manicure, but it can certainly camouflage your imperfection in a pinch. The vast array of Sharpie colors make it a great quick fix if you are someone who chips your polish a lot.

  1. Deodorant: Duets As Primer

Purchasing a good primer can get spendy. We took a note from some of our favorite famous makeup artists who swear by using deodorant as a primer instead. You will want to find a fragrance-free formula that comes in a stick. Just don’t use the same deodorant for your underarms as you do for your face. 

This could lead to a whole host of bacterial issues which you definitely don’t want to deal with! Use sparingly until you get the hang of the consistency and how it will work with your skin type and foundation. Your bank account is going to love this hack!

  1. Peppermint Oil: Perfect Your Pout

No scary injections, no super harsh chemicals – you can get your lips Kylie Kardashian perfect with just a bit of peppermint oil. This tasty liquid glides right on your lips and plumps up your pucker in a jiff! Peppermint Oil is actually a common activating agent in most lip boosting products, so now you can tap it right from the source. It smells good too! 

You can mix this with a bit of coconut oil for a perfect balm, or apply before and, or, after your favorite lip products. It’s all-natural so you can reapply as much as you’d like. If the intensity is a little TOO much, just use a tad.

  1. Petroleum Jelly: Produces A Dewy Glimmer

For the eyeshadow obsessed that can never find a lip color to match, petroleum jelly is your new best friend. Simply shred up a small amount of your favorite eyeshade onto a small plate or flat, non-porous surface and add a dab of Vaseline. 

You can mix yourself the perfect lip gloss that will slide right on to match. While this isn’t a long-term solution, it will definitely give you a pop of color at a moment’s notice. Petroleum jelly can also be applied to your eyelids for that high-fashion look you’ve seen on the runways. It’s ultra-shiny and very chic.

  1. Contact Lens Solution: Revives Dry Mascara

You know you’re running out and every day you mean to order more or stop by the store, but you always think you can stretch it just one more day. Sadly, mascara isn’t bottomless (if only) and every time you remove the wand to touch up your tips, oxygen affects the formula you’re dipping from. 

You’ve likely scraped your way to a last-minute solution, but if you are a contact lens wearer, you’re in luck! Just a few drops in the tube and a mix of the wand and voila! You’re able to coat your lashes with a less concentrated version of your mascara and get on with your day confidently. 

Pro-tip, don’t pump your mascara wand in and out of the tube, this actually dries it out faster. Just use a simple twist.

  1. Baby Powder: Thicker Lashes

If you’ve ever looked at your boyfriend and thought “you lucky goose” because of his thick, full lashes – you’re not alone. While so many of our fellas seem to be naturally blessed with gorgeous lashes, we often have to supplement with falsies or thickening serums. 

This can get expensive and time-consuming, so we took a trick from the masters and tested out baby powder to lush-induce our lashes. It works just like dry shampoo does for your scalp and creates the illusion of a more voluminous lash.


While there are many household items that can double as makeup solutions, these are just a few of our favorites for some of the most common products you might have around the house. You can start saving your pennies and look just as gorgeous!

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