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How to: Purple Shampoo for Dry Hair

If you’re looking for purple shampoo, chances are, you recently went blonde (or blonder) or you are thinking about it. The thing with going lighter is that it requires bleach, and bleach, as most know, can not only mean damage, but the reason for purple shampoo is all the brassiness and yellow tones that can either immediately result, or will start to shift over time.

Why Use Purple Shampoo

If you’ve just gone blonde, you might be thinking “why would I put purple on top of my fresh blonde highlights?” It’s a fair question, but the science behind it is fascinating. Purple shampoo is developed to not only cleanse your strands, but it deposits a purple pigment which results in a cooler tone. It keeps your hair looking salon-fresh and renewed.

Sometimes the brassiness simply can’t be avoided. It could be your water, environmental elements, your hormones, etc. When you proactively balance it out, you don’t have to worry about a funky orange developing.

Don’t Overuse

That being said, you certainly don’t want to overdo it on the purple shampoo. Yes, you can apply too much (usually this is just using it too many times per week), but there is a solution for that too. When you’re applying purple shampoo to blonde hair, you have to remember how porous (aka damaged) it is, so it will suck up any sort of color you apply.

How Often To Use

And of course, not all purple shampoos are alike. Some are more moisturizing than others, some cut through brass better, some are specifically made for gray hair. And, if your hair is already damaged, some formulas may be a little tough on your hair – especially the ends. The best rule of thumb is to not leave purple shampoo on your hair for more than 20 minutes tops. 

Most purple shampoo connoisseurs will use the magic toning potion twice per week, but if you are new to using it perhaps tread slowly and use it once per week until you realize the effect on your color. You know your hair better than anyone, so if it starts looking overly toned, use it less frequently for a smaller amount of time. And if your ends are already pretty fried, you can actually opt for a purple toning mask or treatment. These formulas will banish the yellow tones and provide some nutrition for your damaged ends.

Is Purple Shampoo Right For You

The purple shampoo industry has exploded due to the positive results it can produce. But again, there are so many formulas to choose from. The best bet is to ask your hairstylist (they have likely tried them all!). They can give you specific ingredients to look for based on the health of your hair (or what you are trying to achieve).

Final Thoughts

There are very few artificial blondes in the world who haven’t dealt with brassiness or dryness, so purple shampoos have been able to cure blonde woes. It’s always good to do a little research, experiment, and see what works best for your texture and tone. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot either! Purple shampoos come at a variety of price points, so do a little investigating.

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