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How To Remove Demi-Permanent Hair Color In 4 Ways

Of all the things we can do with our hair, coloring is by far my favorite. I’ve had black, brown, red, blonde, platinum – a lot of different colors. But committing to color can be iffy and straight-up scary, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing (there was an accidental green moment one summer!). 

Hair coloring is definitely a science, which is why professionals go to school and have to get licensed in order to treat your lovely locks.

The thing is, we can’t help being curious about the potion mixing, developing, and applying at home. Thanks to demi-permanent hair colors, we can experiment at home with a low level of commitment. 

Demi-permanent hair color contains no ammonia and only deposits. It is mixed with a low-volume developer to help open the cuticle and lasts up to 24 shampoos. This is an ideal situation if you are trying to cover gray, spice up your natural color, bridging the gap between color appointments, toning highlights, and corrective coloring.

People love demi-permanent hair color because it is highly customizable and an excellent option for women with textured hair (it won’t alter or damage your curl pattern). Demi-permanent hair color results in a more obvious change for someone who wants to avoid damage or anything that’s going to look like an ultra-dramatic change. 

So, in essence, a subtle jolt of color. As mentioned, this kind of formula doesn’t contain any ammonia, but it does have just enough peroxide to open up the hair cuticle so that a suitable amount of color will be absorbed.

That being said, if you are on a quest to lighten your color, this probably isn’t your best bet. Demi-permanent hair color does a great job of darkening and toning but won’t give you the kind of lift you are seeking to go lighter.

Once you’ve decided on a color, it’s time to apply! There are a ton of at-home demi-permanent color options to choose from, but we’ll get to that in a moment. What you’re really after is how the heck to get this stuff out, either if you don’t like the result or you are just ready for something new. 

Well, fortunately, because it is not permanent, it’s pretty easy to get out. Here are a few methods:

  • If you have super healthy hair, you can get away with stripping it out via peroxide, just use 20 volume of peroxide rather than 30. But be careful and definitely measure!
  • If your hair is starting to look a little damaged, you can get away with using a clarifying shampoo. There are a billion of them out there, so take your pick.
  • If you are someone who opts for organic solutions, you can mix baking soda and lemon juice together and apply it like a mask.

Now that you have a contingency plan just in case your at-home color doesn’t turn out the way you expected. Hopefully, this won’t be an issue.

Here are some of our favorite demi-permanent hair color products.

Top 4 Demi-Permanent Products:

  1. Joico Lumishine Demi-Permanent Color – $13.98

Yes, Joico is still around! And still carrying that heavenly signature scent as always. This product goes to work strengthening your hair with its Argiplex—a key bond-building ingredient, which also increases shine. 

Joico stands on its reputation, using quality ingredients to improve the health of your hair. It’s just $13.98 and you can grab it at Wal-Mart.

  1. Redken Shades EQ Equalizing Color Gloss – $11.34

Another famous name in the hair business, Redken has the demi-permanent hair color game mastered. Wheat amino acids make this product extremely hydrating and deliver unparalleled shine. 

The colors are rich and are very gentle, so all hair types can use it. After the color is deposited and your style, you will look like a professional enhanced your hue. This can be purchased for just $11.34.

  1. Wella Color Touch Pure Naturals Hair Color – $15

I have fond memories of Wella as it was the first at-home hair color I ever used (it was a mousse back then) and the company is just as strong now as it was decades ago. 

This multi-dimensional demi-permanent solution gives you 63 percent more shine and it happens so quickly! Depending on your color, it can be developed in 5-20 minutes. This will cost you $15.

  1. Pulp Riot Liquid Demi Hair Color – $11.39

First of all, this brand is just cool and I love their aesthetic, which translates well to your aesthetic when you use this liquid color. 

This is unique because it has a signature complex of Quinoa, Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil, Rosemary, Avocado Oil, and Sunflower Oil which ups your shine factor and gives you a translucent reflection. 

And it’s only $11.39, which is pretty sweet.


Since you know a bit more about demi-permanent hair color and how to remove it, go play with some colors! We’d love to see your results.

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