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How to Trim Eyebrows

Eyebrows, the windows of the face and soul perhaps. Just like anything, they need a little upkeep. Just don’t go pull out your pair of tweezers and go nuts though. Eyebrows are finicky and they need a strategy. Waxing, plucking, threading –however you choose to maintain your furry friends, just make sure of what you are trying to accomplish before you do it because these little friends can take a while to grow back.

There are many kits, tutorials and guides for how to keep those brows trim, healthy and nice looking. If you have a regular regimen, fantastic. As we age, our skin and hair follicles respond differently to the things that worked before. But if you’re just frustrated, fed up, don’t have time to make it to a salon, you can trim your own eyebrows, with caution.

Not all body hair is alike. For many, eyebrows grow at a slower rate, therefore when you make a decision about the look of your eyebrows, tread slowly. First of all, ditch the raiser. Don’t even think about it. Those bumpy, weird follicles will protrude through the skin faster than you can say “help!” We don’t know why people think this is an acceptable method of reducing unwanted brow hair, but don’t do it.

Here are the recommended steps for trimming your eyebrows:

  1. Get a great kit

Since eyebrows are a “thing” many companies have been coming out with eyebrow toolkits to clean your situation up. Reading reviews is usually the best way to find the perfect kit, or if you trust your hairstylist or makeup artist to make a recommendation, they probably can help you out.

  1. Be patient

You may want to start going nuts and whacking all your unwanted hairs off, but it’s a slippery slope. Before you know it you’ll barely have anything left. Be strategic and only pluck the strays between waxes, threads or voodoo magic.

  1. Enlist a professional

Trimming brows can be tricky. If you don’t necessarily trust yourself, enlist the help of a pro. You can visit a brow bar, dermatologist or your hair guru to get some specific help on how to tidy them up.

  1. Stay in maintenance mode

It sucks, but the more frequently you can stay on top of it and pluck any random hairs that pop up will help your long game. Sometimes it’s just peach fuzz or fine hairs, but if you can keep your skin svelte and smooth your makeup will look better and the next eyebrow sesh will be a piece of cake.

  1. Commit

You want to take those brows down a notch? Decide on a look and stay committed. Eyebrows are notoriously hard to deal with so unless you are dermablading or love spending a lot of time coloring those suckers, just pick a style and stick to it.


Whether you decide to do them yourself or enlist the help of a professional, eyebrows can be finicky and once you remove any hair it may be quite a while before you see any growth back. The best thing is to pick a style that works for you and you can easily maintain. That way when it’s brow time it’s mostly just a clean up job. Your brows say a lot about your face, so when you take care of them it’s an indication that you take care of your holistic wellness. And hey, if you remove too much and need to color them in, there are a billion different brow products out there that can help. If you insist on trimming your brows, make sure your tools are sanitized and take your time!

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