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How to Fix Uneven Eyebrows

Eyebrows shape the face, provide frames for the eye and without them, we’d look pretty odd. Eyebrows have even become a category in modern days because year after year we see new trends and want to look as glamorous as the stars.

When you suffer from uneven eyebrows it can cause stress, frustration and even self-esteem issues. You may have heard the term “sisters, not twins” when referring to eyebrows, but if yours are seriously not symmetrical, you think about it every time you look in a mirror. And as we age, symmetry becomes more and more pronounced. We start to lose hair, color and definition. It’s unfortunate but something we must deal with.

Different Eyebrows

There are so many different types of eyebrows, in terms of thickness, color, shape, etc. So, you’ll have to know your brows and eliminate things that you know don’t work. Before you start any major brow plan, it’s a good idea to visit a brow specialist or consultant at a salon. These technicians have made a career out of perfecting brows and can definitely set you up for success with some recommendations.

But if you can’t get to a brow guru for whatever reason – pandemic, budget, geographic location, you aren’t doomed. Fortunately, there are a ton of liners, pencils, serums, pomades and powders that can come to the rescue. Whether you are just trying to disguise the asymmetry while they are growing out, or perhaps you went a little too tweezer crazy in earlier times and now you have to deal with the aftermath – we’re here to help.

As wonderful as all the eyebrow products are, we realize we are just masking the underlying problem. First, let’s talk about if you’re trying to grow your brows back out. Here are a few tips:

  • Allow your brows to grow out for 4-6 weeks
  • Make sure brows are equidistant from bridge of nose
  • Trim uneven hairs carefully
  • Aim for an arch that hits about two thirds of the way out
  • Fill in sparse areas with a good brow pencil between salon visits
  • Only tweeze strays between your brow and lid

But let’s discuss some of the brown band-aid tips for how to fill in brows while they are growing out:

  1. Find A Good Brow Pencil.

If you have never experimented with a brow pencil, now is the time! Pencils are great for shaping the perimeter of the brow and do a great job of filling in sparse areas or holes. There are so many colors available, that you are bound to find one that matches your shade.

  1. Up The Ante On Your Brow Care

Using a serum is one way to not only encourage brow growth, but it’s also a nice conditioning treat for those tiny hairs. Serums also aid in strengthening brow follicles and improving the skin around the brow area. Look for something with peptides for the best growth opportunity. Most serums can be applied 1 to 2 times per day.

  1. Hands Off!

You will be tempted to try and manage the situation as your brows grow out, but the best thing to do here is just be patient while they grow. Hair growth also depends on many variables such as ethnicity, age, ability to grow hair quickly. Most people can manage a full grow out in 6 months. If you are truly trying to grow them, just allow your salon pro to take care of your brows.


Uneven brows can be a real issue but just know that you aren’t alone. Plenty of women around the world struggle from it, which is why there have been so many trends regarding eyebrow treatments. Be sure to do your research before you make any major decision (i.e. tattooing, etc.) because if that procedure doesn’t pan out the way you’d like, you’ll be more upset than you were to begin with. That being said, there are some great brow artists out there.

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