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High-Frequency Facial Wands

Maybe you’ve heard the hype or maybe you are sitting with a puzzled look on your face – that’s okay too. When I first heard about high-frequency facial wands my first thought was I don’t think I want anything “high frequency” near my face, which I think is fair. But it turns out these magical little devices are supposed to be the answer to all your prayers if you suffer from acne or fine lines and wrinkles. Where was this in junior high!?

If you’ve ever struggled with acne you have likely tried every serum, mask, toner, face wash, etc. You’ve probably experienced incredibly irritated skin and have had moments of helplessness when you didn’t think your skin would ever clear up. But high-frequency acne treatments are here to save the day! If you are ready to zap some zits, these energy-based devices deliver electrical energy, electromagnetic energy, or laser-light energy have been widely used as an alternative to topical and oral therapies for acne lesions and acne scars. Cool, right? 

How Facial Wands Work

The wands deliver targeted thermal energy to the dermis at various lengths and the electrical currents heat the sebaceous gland and obliterate the acne-producing bacteria. This is what you would call a high-tech spa treatment. All you have to do is wave the head of the wand over budding blemishes for a couple of minutes and it’s sayonara acne.

But don’t run to your kitchen to find something electrical to wave over your face just yet. Your blemishes won’t respond to just any ol’ device. These high-frequency instruments particularly feature electrodes containing argon gas. Once the electrode hits the skin, the argon gas releases oxygen, which obliterates bacteria and decreases inflammation on contact. Why should this matter? Bacteria can’t live in oxygen, hence the chain reaction. By killing the bacteria and controlling the production of sebum, electrodes help unclog the skin pores and allow a more effective distribution of oxygen and nutrients.

Are Facial Wands Worth The Investment?

Slow your roll for a second, and don’t jump on Amazon right away. This all seems too good to be true, you’re partially right. This is one of those things where you actually need to invest in a high-quality device. Great ratings and great reviews can help, but so can recommendations from skin professionals. Seriously, stay away from the cheap versions, they are known to fall apart and that’s not something you want happening around your face and can be dangerous when used near the eyes or the face. 

Not to mention, you’re just not going to get the quality outcome you are looking for, the same way you would if you went to a dermatology office. Yes, some of the at-home high-frequency wands can yield results, just don’t expect any miracles.

These amazing little devices typically come with a set of “heads” to target specific areas of the face. The pointy electrode is fantastic for deeper cystic pimples, the rounded head functions best for larger areas on your face, like your cheeks and forehead, and the scoop is great for the under-eye region to help de-puff.

How To Use High-Frequency Facial Wands

Always, always start with a clean face! And if you are using any retinoids or exfoliants, you will want to stop about a week prior to treating yourself. Also, remove ALL metal jewelry – it may seem a bit obvious, but we thought we should spell it out. Next, you’ll want to cut a small piece of gauze to put over the offending area. Then insert the electrode into the wand, place it over the gauze, and turn it on.

So, what happens when you actually turn the gadget on? Not much more than a mild tingle. As soon as it starts tingling (you may have to turn up the dial) you simply wave the wand in a circular motion around the pimple for up to three minutes. It shouldn’t cause you any pain. And you don’t want to crank it all the way because this could aggravate and dry out the pimple. 

You technically don’t even have to touch the red, bump offender. Actually, you want to move the tip away from your skin so the current can drive deeper into your skin. A good rule of thumb is about a fourth of an inch from your mug. And honestly, you don’t want to have it near your face for too long. Anything over 20 minutes is a no-no.

Also, these wands are quite small and great for the occasional pimple or cyst, but if you suffer from chronic acne, you should probably see a dermatologist. These devices are great, but they don’t have the gusto to cover your whole face.

Benefits of Facial Wands

But wait, there’s more! These wands actually bring a whole lot of benefits to include:

  • Safely kills acne-causing bacteria
  • Minimizes inflammation and redness
  • Reduces post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)
  • Reduces acne and prevents future breakouts
  • Shrinks enlarged pores
  • Oxygenates the skin
  • Increases circulation

If you are one with very sensitive skin, you might ignite some inflammation. And high-frequency wands are not recommended for people with a pacemaker, a history of heart disease, or during pregnancy. If one of your skin conditions includes rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis just avoid these areas if they are inflamed.

If you’re still intrigued, we’re here to help share the best home high-frequency wands. We put together this list after trying numerous facial wands. These were my personal favorites and that of many others/

1. Signstek Hand Holding High-Frequency Instrument – $40.99

This high-frequency device is becoming a fan favorite, fast! The kit comes with four electrodes that can treat acne from head to toe. The mushroom electrode tube is aimed at treating broad areas, the tongue tube is for sensitive areas, such as beneath the eyes, the comb tube is for scalp circulation to promote new hair growth, and the bent tube is for targeting specific areas with dark spots. Sounds pretty complete! It has three frequency levels that will improve your skin texture and reduce fine lines as it tightens your skin! You can get this for $40.99 on Amazon.

2. Nuderma Natural Dermal Cell Energy Amplification System – $49.95

This pain-free instrument treats sagging skin, hair loss, dark spots, and wrinkles. That’s a whole lot of treatment! It urges cell activity to reverse the aging process and quickly treats acne scars by depleting the bacteria beneath the dermis. It provides a natural boost to cellular energy. Regular use improves the overall condition of your skin. This complete set comes at $49.95.

3. Emarkbeauty 8 in 1 High-Frequency Facial Machine – $389.86

This is the Rolls Royce of high-frequency wands – it has it ALL! It can treat multiple different skin issues. The vacuum extractor is for removing impurities from your skin, and the spray mist is for hydrating it. The argon gas electrode is for toning your skin, while the galvanic is for deep skin cleansing. The device stimulates your facial cells and oxygenates the skin to make it clear, bright, and healthy. It is an exceptional device for removing pimples and blemishes. But it will cost you $389.86!


Now that you’ve got a grip on high-frequency wands, will you try one out? Or opt for a dermatology experience? The overall consensus from doctors is that these devices are safe, but for specific skin types, definitely check with your skin care physician. If you have an underlying skin issue, you certainly don’t want to exacerbate it!

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