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How to Train Eyebrows to Grow in the Right Direction

Eyebrow styles sure have changed over the years but dealing with unruly growth has been a struggle for ages. Maybe you have a few stubborn hairs that stick up, maybe a few point downward or maybe they are just growing in the opposite direction of what nature intended. Whatever the malady, there is hope for training your eyebrows to go the way you’d please. It’s actually much simpler than you would expect, but it does require a bit of self-discipline.

Hide the Tweezers

First and foremost, you need to put the tweezers down. As you know it can be a slippery slope with tweezing, just a few finicky hairs can lead to a whole new eyebrow style if you aren’t careful. But it’s actually been said that if you pluck the wrong way, or in the wrong direction, this can cause your eyebrows to go a little haywire. 

We know it’s tempting but stash the tweezers away for at least two months. When you leave the hair follicles to grow, they will begin growing toward your natural brow line. Invest in a good eyebrow pencil or a powder to get through the period easier.

After 2 Months, Tweeze Sparingly

Tweeze? Sparingly? Is that a thing? Well, if you want to tame your wild eyebrows you’ve got to learn to tweeze conservatively. Simply tweeze the hairs that are closer to the lash line. This actually stimulates the growth of the hairs closer to the brow line. 

Be sure to tweeze in the direction of natural growth, otherwise, those follicles may come back, growing the wrong way again. Also, invest in a quality set of tweezers, it can make all the difference.

Find an Eyebrow Growth Serum

No, you won’t look like a werewolf if you use a growth serum. These are follicle stimulant formulas that will prod the growth process. There are a few great ones out there, we actually recommend Adonia Organics Lash Alive (yes, it works on eyebrows too). 

This is a good option because it is plant-based and safe for any skin type. The serum is also clinically proven to grow hair out. Just an application to clean skin each night before bed will do it.

Sit Back and Monitor

As your eyebrows slowly begin to grow back, you will notice more follicles at the arch or the beginning of the brow. Don’t fret if you begin to see your brows growing in the wrong direction. It will take some time, but the name of the game is patience. 

Brows will eventually fall into line, but it could take up to a year. So, if you are committed to getting your brows under control, try to keep your hands off.


The brow game is a tricky one, no doubt. And you may feel frustrated that your brows aren’t doing exactly what you want as quickly as you want, but mother nature will take the course and everything will start looking the way you desire.

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