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How to Choose a Concealer

Oh, the mysterious, yet wonderful world of concealers. How to pick the right shade? What is the best texture for my skin type? How do I blend it? Does it go under foundation or over? Will it make my eye wrinkles more pronounced? Yes, so many questions must be answered for your concealer game to be on point. That’s why we are here to guide you for finding the best concealer for you!

Concealers, when done right, can provide you with flawless, glowing skin. It can highlight your best features and fade your imperfections. Picking the right shade is always the most challenging part. So, ask yourself how you want to use it and what you’re trying to accomplish. Concealers have been typically known to cover undereye circles and dark spots, or to disguise red spots. But concealers have come a long way.

What To Consider

One thing to know about undereye concealers is that you shouldn’t pick a shade that matches your skin. Also, depending on how you want to use your concealer, you might need a few different shades. Lighter concealers for dark eyes (choose something about 2 shades lighter than your skin color) and for red spots you want something closer to your skin tone so it blends in. A great way to test concealer for undereye darkness is to test in on the vein on your wrist. If it covers the vein, it should cover your dark spot.


If blemishes or red spots are your demise, you’ll want to choose something that matches your skin tone. A tip the pros follow is that if you have light to medium skin, opt for a yellow-based concealer. If your skin is more medium to dark, you’ll want to select something with orange undertone.

Applying Concealer

When it comes to applying concealer, a lot of people resort to the old, apply with a clean finger method. But if you are a brush enthusiast, MAC and Makeup Forever are among our favorite brands for concealer brushes.

Apply Under or Over Foundation?

And for everyone’s main concern, should you apply concealer under or over your foundation? Well, if you are looking for flawless skin, definitely start with a primer. Primers can smooth over pores and will allow your makeup to stay on longer. Now we get to the foundation! If you find a great, full coverage foundation, you may be able to skip concealer altogether. But if you still feel you need it, just apply to the specific spots and blend. When you put it on before foundation, the foundation will just move it around all over your face and you will have all sorts of spots and weirdness going on. After foundation, just apply lightly over trouble areas.

Finishing Spray

Last but not least, now that you’ve gone through all the steps, make sure your makeup stays put with a finishing spray. It can make all the difference for keeping your makeup intact for long periods of time.


Now you have picture-perfect skin and feel confident about how gorgeous your skin looks! Just make sure you are selecting products that won’t irritate your skin if you have a special skin condition. And you can always consult with a dermatologist if you have questions.

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