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How to Put on Liquid Eyeliner

You see those girls with the perfect, glided cat eyes and wonder how it’s possible. You’d be surprised to know it’s just a bit of practice and a product you can work with. Liquid liner, while it looks gorgeous, requires a steady hand and a bit of patience. Depending on the look you are working toward, sometimes it is a lot of patience. But if you’re committed to getting a great smooth, liquid look we can help!

It is true what they say, you get what you pay for and there are some miraculously spending brands that can aid in your venture for the perfect, precise cat eye, there are also a lot of drugstore brands that are fan favorites as well. You really need to decide on what works best for you in terms of application because there are felt pens, gels and inkwells. The most important thing? A steady hand.

Whether you’ve attempted liquid liner or never ventured into using it, it can be a tad intimidating due to the fact it dries so fast. If you’ve been doing your eye makeup for awhile you are probably familiar with the shape of your lash line, which is really the only guide you need to follow. If you don’t even mess with makeup, no worries! Liquid liner doesn’t need to cause you any stress. Just pay mind to the formula as there are some great waterproof options and if you make a boo boo, it’s very challenging to clean up.

Here are some tips and tricks to using liquid eyeliner:

  1. Mind the gap

Don’t let there be a gap between your lashes and liner. Liner is meant to enhance your lashes, making them appear thicker, fuller and darker. Stay right on the lash line as you apply.

  1. Your flick isn’t on fleek

It can be tricky getting that perfect flip on the end of your eye. And its often hard to match on both sides. Sometimes you just keep adding coats in the hope to perfect it and then it just looks like a big mess. Do yourself a favor, remove the less-than-stellar flick and start over. It’s better than having a big set of muddy eyes.

  1. Extend

Our faces were perfectly designed. And makeup artists have learned how to play up our best features with makeup. One common mistake is that people don’t extend the liquid wing to the outer edge of the eyebrow. This is what makes your eyes look large and in charge. Otherwise its obvious you are faking it with liquid.

  1. Shake shake shake

Just like paint, liquid liner needs a shakeup. Whether you are using a pen or ink well style, the liquid has probably been sitting for a bit, so shake it up. Otherwise you might end up with some strange half color and wonder what’s going on.

  1. Calm, flow, connect the dots

You’ve got the inner eye, middle and outer to cover and liquid is like a marker so calm down first before you attempt. To make it look super easy and gorgeous, think of your three eye areas as dots. Start at the front corner, flow to the middle and wing out on the outside. A steady hand is helpful and don’t try to do it in a rush (especially if it’s black).

  1. You’ll probably mess up

And it’s okay! The beauty of liquid is that it’s easy to clean up. Experiment a little. Thicken it up, wing it out and decide what you like best. Practice usually makes perfect so just give yourself some time to play around.


It’s a gorgeous, specific look and with a little bit of practice you can master liquid eyeliner. Many people prefer liquid as it’s easy to manipulate and if you choose the waterproof version it will stay on quite some time. It comes in a variety of different colors to give your eyes a little pop and sparkle, but just take your time as it can get runny. And if you’ve applied too much and it leaks into your eye, just grab a cotton swab to blot it out. Take note that liquid liner does have a shelf life and it won’t last as long as a pencil.

We hope this was a helpful guide for your liquid liner adventure! It’s a largely popular way to line eyes and once you can get it the way you like it, it will probably become your signature look.

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