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Best Ways to Store Makeup

Whether you just have a few beauty staples, or you are a palette-obsessed, Sephora-shopping, best of the best, new product queen – it’s important to store your makeup in a way that is both convenient and healthy. You want to keep your makeup and your skin safe from bacteria or just getting old and expiring. If you’re a beauty enthusiast with a lot invested in your products, you’ll especially want to give your collection some proper care with a good organization structure.

There are plenty of ideas for your lifestyle, home setup or personal preferences when it comes to storing your makeup. Everything from acrylic drawers to spice rack holders have been used and touted with great success, but there are also some rotation methods you might want to deploy if you’re one who has a large assortment of products. Once you optimize your makeup storage you may find a significant ease in your daily morning routine.

Here are a few tips and tricks to store your makeup easily and effectively:

  1. Get A Drawer Set & Organize By Category

It might seem like an excessive overhaul at first because you are so used to tossing your makeup in a bin, bag or leave it scattered on a countertop, but a drawer set can be a powerful lifehack. There are a few great companies who design drawer sets specifically for this purpose, or you may just find something that works at a local store. If you get a large enough organizer, you can also add your skincare to the mix. 

Most prominent beauty vloggers and makeup artists will store by category, so when you get to that part of your face, you can examine all the options you have nicely tucked away. The best part is that it cleans up the mess of just having stuff everywhere. When you tend toward using less care with your products, you can end up smashing, dropping or destroying them in some capacity. And if you’re one who shells out a lot on cosmetics, this can be a real heartbreaker.

There are a few different options for storage containers too. If you use a clear acrylic one, you can always see what’s in your inventory, what needs to be replenished and what you can toss. Sometimes out of sight, out of mind will ring true and you’ll forget about your favorite NARS blush or seasonal, one-time products. And when you forget, these products can go bad. Even makeup has an expiration date due to all the varied ingredients.

  1. Deploy A Rotation Method

Rotating your products can be crucial to saving your tried and true favorites and experimenting with new items you’ve picked up. There are a variety of ways to do this, but many beauty influencers will categorize by date of purchase and cycle through the products so they can get the value of the purchase and not forget about some that may be close to going bad. It’s okay to cheat on your favorites with new ones, but if you neglect the old favorites, you’re just pouring money down the drain. Most makeup isn’t cheap! And quite frankly, if it doesn’t belong in the rotation and you really aren’t going to use it, either toss it or gift it to a friend or family member.

  1. Get Creative With Storage Options

You don’t always have to invest in fancy drawers, organizers or professional makeup boxes. Especially if you are a nature-loving, environmentally friendly folk who wants a sustainable option. You might be able to find a jewelry organizer, accessory box or a lazy Susan to suit your needs. 

Don’t assume you have to spend cash to get organized is the point. Many people use mugs or glasses to hold makeup brushes, eyeliners, brow liners and lip liners. You could even use a traditional soap dish for your sharpeners, smaller/used liners or lip balms. Some women love having a vanity set up, and they set up their products as décor, which can also be fun if you have a few key items you use every day. Basically, don’t be afraid to repurpose containers, boxes or storage accessories if you feel it can simplify and organize your beauty routine.

  1. Use A Grid Divider

Is it, or is it not annoying when your lipsticks, mascaras, liners and brushers are rolling around when you store things in a drawer? For the A-types out there, I can’t imagine your strife. For the B-types, just imagine how much more pleasant life will be. Yes, I am talking about the kind you see in silverware drawers, although there are many options out there. Depending on how much you need to organize, this can be a very simple solution for a slightly annoying occurrence.

  1. Use A File Organizer For Palettes

Are you a palette queen? With so many options inside every palette, it’s easy to start using a favorite and leave the others abandoned. If you’re short on space, a file organizer can be a great way to not only store your vast collection, but you can organize them by most to least favorite (or whatever your heart desires). It’s such an easy, space-saving trick! Just pick one up next time you are near an office supply store. It’s a genius hack.

  1. Ask For Assistance

If you’re new to the fabulous world of cosmetics collecting, or if you just don’t have enough hours in the day to devote to organization, you can always ask a friend or hire a professional organizer to get you squared away! For some, it can be quite overwhelming, especially if you have a lot to organize. But it can make a great deal of difference in your routine and happiness factor! Plus, you won’t be neglecting your older products and therefore burning money.


We love our makeup, yes we do. And when you can get yourself squared away to put your best face on every day, you’ll feel peacefully at ease and possibly enjoy the process even more than usual. And you may dig some goodies out of the catacombs that you’ve been missing (just check the expiration). Looking good tends to lead to feeling good and it can be made so much easier when you apply a few storage techniques.

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