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What is the Best Acne Scar Corrector?

Let’s face it, acne sucks. Unless you are a sadist, dealing with the annoyance, discomfort and confidence-shaking acne can take up a lot of your time. Not only is there is a trial and error period of trying every acne product on the market, but there is also an emotional toll that comes with dealing with the red (or yellow, or green) bumpy monsters. The worst part that acne sufferers deal with is the resulting acne scars.

Why They Happen

Acne scars happen for a variety of reasons. There are various different types of acne, there are myriad reasons for developing acne (the causes) and there are a whole host of ways acne can affect your face, but scars seem to be the most daunting of all. And makeup can’t always cover acne scars. And what if you don’t want to wear makeup, or simply don’t like to? Or it’s not a part of your aesthetic or lifestyle. It can feel incredibly frustrating and exhausting.

If you are an acne scar victim, you can probably notice the same effects on other scar sufferers a mile away, and this can add to your anxiety and a general sense of wellbeing. Thankfully, the skincare industry has made leaps and bounds in this area, and there are products that can help. Truly, it does depend on the severity of the scars and how deep or pronounced they are. Yes, acne scars can fade over time, but there is a likelihood they will never fully go away, and perhaps you don’t want to wait years to start feeling good about your face again.

But let’s determine what kind of scars you are battling. Pitted scarring can occur when an inflamed blemish resolves with a deep round indent in the skin, and discoloration that occurs from inflammation, or the darkened spots that result when blemishes begin to take their adieu.

When Prevention Is Too Late

While prevention is the key to avoiding acne scars (stop picking and popping!), and using the medicated cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen can help – it may be a little too late for that. When using products, it’s important to select the ones with the right ingredients. Look for retinoids, alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids, azelaic acid, niacinamide, vitamins C and E, hydroquinone, kojic acid, or resorcinol. Some of these powerful ingredients can be found with over the counter treatments, and some more potent ones may have to come from a dermatologist. For best results, you want to use a cocktail of these ingredients to work together.

When you do find the acne scar treatment you are committed to trying, remember that you should always use the product after thoroughly cleansing your face and prior to applying moisturizer for the maximum benefit. Another key component is to make a commitment to using the product regularly to see an improvement. Regardless of the formula, you select, it won’t be a one and done deal. You’ll have to begin a treatment regimen and stick to it.

Our crackerjack beauty team has tested some of the best brightening potions to help fade your acne scars and here are our picks:

Best Overall: 

Differin Adapalene Gel 0.1% Acne Treatment

Differin has been a trusted name in the acne game for quite some time. The misconception is that you have to get this from your dermatologist, but you can actually order it from Amazon. Not only does it clear acne from the source and prevent future blemishes from rising, but it also focuses on clearing clogged pores and fighting inflammation. In a clinical study, Differin gel provided up to 87 percent reduction in acne lesions after 12 weeks, which will continue to improve with further use.

Rave Reviews: 

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum

Drunk Elephant has been building quite a reputation recently, not only for its quirky and creative name but because the lab coats behind their products are geniuses. This powerhouse serum contains vitamin C (to help rebuild collagen), vitamin E (to seal cracks in the skin), pumpkin ferment extract, and pomegranate enzyme that all work together to exfoliate and brighten the complexion. The ingredients are safe and it works on any skin type. Packed with a powerful antioxidant complex of l-ascorbic and ferulic acids to reveal a more even-looking complexion, C-Firma helps enzymatically dissolve dead skin cells as it intensely hydrates. Photodamage and aging are visibly diminished, replaced by incredible radiance and luminosity.

HydroPeptide 5X Power Peel Daily Resurfacing Pads

If you suffer from keloid scars, HydroPeptide will be your new best friend. These pads contain 10 percent glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin, encouraging newer, healthier cells to the surface. They also pack salicylic acid to keep your pores clear, smooth, and virtually nonexistent. With a blend of fruit acids and retinoic-like peptides, each towelette promotes a deep exfoliation to kill bacteria, shrink pore size, and enhance your skin’s natural radiance. Red and green tea soothe skin to prevent redness and inflammation while mushroom enzymes enhance cell turnover to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

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