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6 Best Eyeliners for Sensitive Eyelids

Maybe it’s genetic, maybe it’s your contact lenses, or maybe you learned the hard way once that you have sensitive eyes. Don’t fret! You can still have amazing eye makeup looks, despite having sensitive eyes. You may have tried with products that claim hypoallergenic or sensitive formulas, but you immediately feel the irritation upon application. Worse yet, the irritation is noticeable to anyone who sees you.

This is especially true for a lot of eyeliners on the market. Sometimes your skin just doesn’t react well. You’ll get red itchy bumps next to your lash line and you won’t be able to stop scratching or rubbing to alleviate the pain (which actually makes it worse). There are so many additives and “fragrance” (which is a code name for any chemical under the sun), that can mess with your body, which is why there are so many eyeliner for sensitive eyes available these days.

First let’s talk about how to choose an eyeliner for sensitive eyes. There are a variety of things you will want to look for that can narrow down your search for your sensitive eyeliner soulmate.

How to Choose an Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyelids

  • Choose eyeliners that have little to no use of toxic ingredients
  • Pick smudge-proof formulas
  • Eyeliners that have a lightweight formulation work well for sensitive eyes
  • Snoop for eyeliners that are heavily pigmented so it won’t leave your eyes dry (and the color will stay vibrant for hours)
  • Waterproof eyeliners are a dream
  • Vegan eyeliners are also a great fit as they are free from harmful ingredients that could bother sensitive eyes

It seems like a tall order and you may not be able to find everything on the desired wish list, but at least you can keep your eyes peeled for the right details. At the end of the day, you just want something that stays, doesn’t hurt your eyes and achieves the look you are wanting.

6 Best eyeliners for sensitive eyes:

  1. Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner

Stila has long been known for using quality ingredients in their makeup. The Smudge Stick line is actually Stila’s best seller because it glides on smooth without tugging at your skin. Because this version is waterproof it will stay on all day. Another plus? All of Stila’s makeup is heavily pigmented, which means deep, rich, lasting color. If you wear contact lenses, this stick is for you. It is so smooth going on that you could turn it into a cat eye or smudge it to create an eyeshadow effect.

  1. Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Intense

If you have been dealing with sensitive eyelids for some time, you are probably well familiar with Clinique’s amazon line of quality makeup. This eyeliner is no different. It glides on gently with a tip perfect for any makeup look. You can layer as much on and not have to worry about it getting in your eye or smearing all over your face after a long day.

  1. Almay Eyeliner Pencil Top of the Line

Almay is synonymous with makeup for sensitive skin. And a reminder that you don’t have to spend a lot on expensive products marked “sensitive.” This richly pigmented eyeliner also has vitamin e. While it only comes in four colors, you might be surprised at how nice it turns out. Yes, drugstore brands can look fabulous too!

  1. La Roche-Posay Respectissime Eyeliner

This fragrance-free, allergy tested, waterproof, smudge proof liner just may be right what you are looking for. It’s formulated with natural wax, but the catch is the price. La Roche Posay is a famous name in makeup, but it’s also famously expensive. If this is in your makeup budget, it’s an excellent eyeliner for sensitive eyes.

  1. SEPHORA COLLECTION Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner #1 Matte Black

Sephora may be your favorite store for a variety of reasons, but their own makeup is nothing less than spectacular. This is also a waterproof, smudge proof formula but the twist is the matte black finish. It is retractable, has a creamy feel and comes with a smudger and a sharpener! We would expect no less from Sephora.

  1. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

Didn’t think you could wear gel eyeliner? Guess again. Bobbi Brown is the master at creating quality, long-lasting products and there are always so many colors to choose from! You will have to invest in an eyeliner brush, but once you see the outcome (and wear it all day) you’ll realize you made a great investment.

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